Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from February 4th- February 10th

Here is a list of the latest releases for the upcoming week that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

1) Declan McKenna – What Happened To The Beach?

Artist Declan McKenna is asking the real questions with his new album What Happened To The Beach? He has finally released new music after many years of keeping his fans waiting. With vibey songs including his previously released single “Nothing Works,” this album is filled to the brim with catchy melodies and fascinating lyrics that are sure to make you think. If you like some of his classic songs like “Brazil” or “Make Me Your Queen,” then you will certainly like this project from Declan McKenna.

Check out the album trailer here:

2) ASAP – Axie Oh

New York Bestselling author Axie Oh, just released her new novel ASAP and you have to pick up a copy ASAP… If you are looking to sink your teeth into a modern love story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this might be the perfect story for you. Read along as Nathaniel and Sori get a second chance at love after living in the world of K-Pop. Releasing on Tuesday, this story is a definite must-read.

3) Lisa Frankenstein

Starring Cole Sprouse and Kathryn Newton, Lisa Frankenstein is the story of a misunderstood teenager and a corpse that has been brought back to life as they fall in love and go on a journey to help her new love rebuild his body piece by piece. This is a hilarious coming-of-age story about love and well… death. Looking for a new comedy to spice up your Valentine’s weekend? Lisa Frankenstein might help you out with that. Check it out in theaters Friday, February 9th!

4) Zara Larsson – Venus

Zara Larsson’s album Venus has been a long time coming and we are so glad it is finally here! With previously released singles like “Can’t Tame Her” and “End Of Time,” this album has been on the release radar for a while now. With ethereal vocals that are sure to enchant listeners, this project is a must-listen for anyone looking for fresh pop finds. Check out Venus this Friday.

5) Marmalade

Releasing this Friday is the film Marmalade starring Joe Keery and Camilla Morrone. This movie is a spooky romance/thriller that is sure to make you fall in love and maybe get nervous and sweat just a teeny bit. After being incarcerated, Baron (Keery), makes friends with his cellmate who is famous for his history with prison breaks. While trying to figure out a way to escape prison, Baron shares the story of how he and the love of his life met and robbed a bank. This is a sweet romance that is perfectly paired with a tale of action and crime. If you are looking for a good story to get into, then check out Marmalade this Friday. 

6) Mackenzie Porter – Nobody’s Born With A Broken Heart (The First Few)

In honor of MacKenzie Porter’s upcoming full-length album Nobody’s Born With A Broken Heart, she has just released the first four songs of the project as a sneak peek. These songs are sweet, funny, and creative. With songs like “Easy To Miss,” “Pay Me Back In Change,” and “Young At Heart,” this project is packed full of good music and pure emotion. If you like pop-country music and want some new additions to your playlist, then you should check out these newly released tunes ASAP. 

7) Turning Red (Re-Release)

If you are looking for something sweet and fun to do with the whole family, the Disney hit film from 2022 Turning Red, is re-releasing in theaters everywhere this weekend. Load up the family and go see this animated film starring talented voice actors such as James Hong, Sandra Oh, and Jordan Fisher. 

8) Skater Boy – Anthony Nerada

Anthony Nerada’s latest novel is a pop-punk storyline that pushes past the norms of young adult romance and creates a new genre of story. Wesley, a troubled teen who is failing out of school is forced by his mom to go and see a production of The Nutcracker, he ends up creating an unlikely friendship with Mr. Nutcracker himself, Tristan. The two spend lots of time together and Wesley decides to get his life together and graduate on time. Check out this book wherever you get yours, this Tuesday!

9) Dune: Part 2 (Trailer)

The newest sneak peek of the upcoming Dune sequel is available now! Dune: Part 2, starring Zandaya, Timothee Chalamet, Austin Butler and Florence Pugh, this movie is sure to be at the top of your watchlist. If you liked the first Dune movie or even if you just want a new sci-fi fantasy with incredible acting and intense visual effects, you won’t want to miss out on this new movie. Check out the trailer below:

10) Popular Theory

In this film starring Kat Conner Sterling and Sophia Reid-Ganzert, Popular Theory, watch along as a 12-year-old genius takes on her elder high school classmates in a battle of wits. Equipped with the dream of winning the state science fair, Erwin teams up with another not-so-popular student and creates a chemical reaction that changes the way high school works altogether. This movie is sweet and funny and perfect for a family movie night so get the popcorn ready and throw on this flick this Friday!

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