Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from January 7th- January 13th

Hope you are enjoying the new year and are sticking to your new year’s resolutions. If this year’s goal was to stay up to date on all the latest releases, then check out the top 10 list below!

1) DI4RIES Part 2 

This week, check it out as the second part of season 2 of DI4RIES is announced for release. Tune in to find out what happened between Pietro, Isabel and Livia and keep an eye out to figure out if Arianna stands up to her bullies. The second half of this season will be packed full of answers to questions and looks into characters lives. Check it out on Netflix soon!

For a first look at Season 2 Part 2 check out the link below:

2) Mean Girls

In theaters this Friday, check out the new take on the early 2000s classic Mean Girls. Watch along as Cady Heron (played by Angourie Rice) takes on Regina George (Renee Rapp) and her posse at a new school. With a stacked cast including Tina Fey and Christopher Briney, this film is a can’t miss cinematic experience. Check it out in theaters while you can!

Check out the trailer below:

3) Dungeons and Drama – Kristy Boyce

Tuesday, pick up this book from author Kristy Boyce and read along and she paints a beautiful and hilarious picture of what it looks like to be a young person in the world today going through the ins and outs of dating in the modern world. Join in as protagonist Riley has to save her school’s musical but there’s just one problem, she has to get her co-worker to cover her shifts. Nathan, her co-worker, makes a deal with Riley saying that she has to play Dungeons and Dragons with him in order to make a girl jealous. It’s creative, it’s funny, and it’s the perfect new addition to your library. 

4) Marika Hackman – Big Sigh

New from English alternative indie artist, Marika Hackman is her album entitled Big Sigh. The project is her fourth studio album and contains 10 songs that are bound to be your next favorites. With powerful production and intense lyrics, this album is the ‘hardest record I’ve ever made” according to the artist. With powerful titles like “Hanging” “Blood” and “No Caffeine,” this album is just as intense as it sounds. Check it out wherever you get your music this Friday. 

5) Casey – How To Disappear

Check out this new 12 song album from Casey. With an emotional theme of existence and grief, this album is packed full of songs that are sure to make you cry. With emotional lyrics and bold titles such as “I Was Happy When You Died,” this project is full of overwhelming feelings about dealing life, death and grief. If you are looking for a deep listen and possibly a good cry, listen to How To Disappear from Casey. 

6) The Lost Ones – Lauren Destefano

In this new novel from Lauren Destefano and Disney’s Dark Ascension series, read along as teenage Captain Hook and his twin sister Marlene journey to neverland. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the second book in this villain-centered narrative. Pick it up wherever you get your books this Tuesday, and if you haven’t already, check out the first book in the series featuring the teenage version of the classic villains: Drizella and Anastasia from Disney Princess movie Cinderella. 

7) Kali Uchis – Orquideas

With her fourth studio album Orquídeas, Kali Uchis is set to blow fans out of the water. On January 12th, this female Colombian-American powerhouse makes history with this incredible musical masterpiece. If you are a fan of Spanish music or even if you aren’t, the beats will speak to you and get you moving in no time. With songs like “Perdiste” and “Young Rich & in Love,” there is surely something for everybody. Check it out this Friday. 

8) The Spout Podcast – Season Finale with Charli XCX

In this season finale of The Spout Podcast, join in as Charli XCX gives some exclusive behind the scenes looks into her music and the music industry in general. If you are a fan of hers or of pop music itself, you should totally give this podcast a listen this week. You won’t want to miss out on this funny, informative and creative take on a music-based podcast. Link below:

9) Renee Rapp and Auil’i Cravelho – Mean Girls Soundtrack

How could we have a movie with such a talented star like Renee Rapp without hearing some of her incredible music to go along with it. If you are going to see the Mean Girls movie, you should totally get in the spirit of the film with this musical masterpiece from Mean Girls.

10) The Vaccines – Pickup Full of Pink Carnations

Pick Up Full of Pink Carnations is the sixth studio album from the English indie pop-rock band The Vaccines. Set to release on Friday, January 12th – this project is ten tracks of pure ‘euphoria,’ With singles such as “Heartbreak Kid” this project is chocked full of incredible music that is sure to be the perfect addition to your new music playlist this year. This Friday, sit down and give this new album from The Vaccines a listen!

Thanks for tuning into this week’s top 10, check back next week for some more insanely amazing entertainment.