Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from February 26th-March 4th

Welcome to March! Spring is slowly coming to us, and what better way to celebrate than to watch some new entertainment? If you’ve run out of what to watch, read, and listen to, YEM has the Top 10 list for you for this week!

The Mandalorian Season 3 – 3/1

Baby Yoda returns with a vengeance, and he’s just as adorable as ever! The 3rd Season of The Mandalorian will air on March 1st, so catch the newest season on Disney+. This show has been very successful since its first season, and fans are highly anticipating the 3rd season’s release!

Demi Lovato – Still Alive – 3/3

Fans of Demi Lovato, we have some spooky news for you! Still Alive will be set for release on March 3rd, and this song is a bit different from what you’ll expect. This song will appear in the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Scream VI! Fans are eager for its release, and those who follow Demi Lovato on TikTok can see more of the song’s development there!

Macklemore – BEN – 3/3

From the mind that has brought Thrift Shop and Glorious, Macklemore returns with his latest album BEN, set to be released on March 3rd! The songs listed in this album were ones that Macklemore worked on ever since Gemini and was developed in collaboration with artists such as Windser, NLE Choppa, Tones and I, and more!

Creed III – 3/3

Fans of Creed and Michael B. Jordan, the third installment of Creed is coming your way on March 3rd. Michael returns as Adonis Creed, who had dominated the boxing world in the previous films. But when childhood friend/boxing prodigy Damian (portrayed by Jonathan Majors) returns from prison, Adonis must risk his future to battle against a former friend and settle the score. Be sure to keep an eye out for this movie’s release!

Jesus Revolution – 2/24

The term might be a bit of an oldie, but for those who recognize what the title means, a cookie for you! Jesus Revolution is an upcoming film based on a book that followed the Jesus movement from the 1970s in California, starring actors/actresses like Jonathan Roumie, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and Joel Courtney (from the acclaimed The Kissing Booth movies). Follow the spiritual journey of a group of teenage hippies as they follow a movement that eventually transforms into an awakening that shakes the history of America to its core. The movie will be out on February 24th, so keep an eye out! We have covered Joel and The Kissing Booth before on our website, so check those out!

Immortality: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz – 2/28

Written by the same author of the #1 best-selling gothic romance Anatomy: A Love StoryImmortality: A Love Story is the sequel to that book. Where we last left Hazel Sinnett, she is convinced that the events from last year were just a figment of her imagination. However, when an arrest leads her to become a member of the British court as the personal physician to Princess Charlotte, her future as a surgeon will be in jeopardy. For those interested in the synopsis and who have read the first book, the book will publish on February 28th at Barnes & Noble!

Owl City – Vitamin Sea – 3/3

To those who need a refresher, this band is famous for its single, Fireflies. Owl City returns with a new single titled Vitamin Sea, and Adam Young released an instrumental version of this on a live stream. He mentioned that the song is supposed to represent a small respite against the everyday hustle. This particular song is one of the last songs in Owl City’s latest album Coco Moon (an album ready for release on March 24th), so for those eager to hear Vitamin Sea, be sure to listen to it!

Last Violent Call: A Foul Thing; This Foul Murder by Chloe Gong – 2/28

Fans of Chloe Gong and her world of Foul Lady Fortune, the author is ready to release her latest duet of novellas titled, These Violent Delights. One of the novellas is titled A Foul Thing, which follows two new characters named Roma and Juliette as they establish themselves as the head of a weapons ring in Zhouzhuang. But when several Russian girls end up dead, the two start to investigate and discover that this mystery might be a bit closer to home than they thought. The second novella is This Foul Murder, which stars Benedikt and Marshall as they are to find the scientist Lourens and bring him to Zhouzhuang. But when someone becomes murdered on an express train, the two masquerades as investigators to continue onwards to the train’s destination, only to realize that the murderer has suspicious ties to their mission. This is set for publification on February 28th, so for those interested, check them out on Barnes & Noble!

Mimi Webb – Amelia – 3/3

We have covered Mimi Webb before, but here’s a brief refresher for those who require it! Mimi is a British singer/songwriter renowned for titles Good Without and Dumb Love and released her EP Seven Shades of Heartbreak in 2021. Mimi is ready to release her latest album Amelia on March 3rd with songs like Red Flags and House On Fire. For those who are eager to listen to her works, be sure to mark your calendars for its release!

Conrad Sewell – Precious – 3/3

For those who need a refresher on this artist, Conrad Sewell is an Australian singer/songwriter renowned for his song, Firestone. This artist is ready to release his latest album Precious on March 3rd, with songs such as Ferris Wheel and Caroline. Fans of his music, keep an eye out for his latest album!