Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from July 2nd -July 8th

Entering the newest month July, we have a new wave of entertainment that’s coming in your direction! If you’re looking for something to watch, read, and listen to in this new week of July, here’s what YEM suggests for you!

Joy Ride – 7/7

Here’s a film that you’ve most likely seen these upcoming weeks! Joy Ride follows the adventure of four, Asian-American friends as they bond over the discovery of what it means to know and love yourself while helping one of their friends find their birth mother. Be sure to check this film out in theatres on July 7th!

My Adventures with Superman – 7/6

DC returns with another rendition of Superman! My Adventures with Superman stars Clark Kent as he starts building his identity as Superman and embracing his heroic role while sharing the adventure with the investigative journalist Lois! Be sure to check this series out on Adult Swim via HBO Max, premiering on July 6th!

Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire – 7/5

Are you a fan of African culture? Look no further than Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire! The series follows a set of characters through a dystopian future in many different scenarios, ranging from time travel to interacting with alien lifeforms! If you’re looking for a nice animation series to sink your teeth into, here’s one that’ll premiere through Disney+ on July 5th!

Taylor Swift – Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) – 7/7

One of the most defining artists from 2010 is here to release her latest album, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), on July 7th! This third re-recorded album made to regain ownership of her music will be live with music such as When Emma Falls in Love, I Can See You, and even Electric Touch. Be sure to check this album out when it’s released!

The Out-Laws – 7/7

Are you looking for a comedic romance with crime elements? Then The Out-Laws should be right up your alley! A straight-laced bank manager is set to marry his sweetheart, but when his bank is held up by the infamous Ghost Bandits, he has reason to believe that they are his future in-laws. If you’re interested to see more and if his suspicions are correct, be sure to check this film out on Netflix on July 7th!

Pitbull – Trackhouse – 7/7

From the artist of Feel This Moment and Timber, Pitbull is set to release his latest album Trackhouse on July 7th! Be sure to check out his album as it will have collaborations with artists you’ll most likely have heard from, such as Anthony W acts & DJ White Shadow, Zac Brown, and more!

Shaun White: The Last Run – 7/6

Are you looking for a sports documentary? Shaun White: The Last Run might be just what you’re looking for! Watch the journey of the three-time Olympic gold medalist, and one of the best athletes in both snowboarding and skateboarding, as the documentary touches on elements of Shaun’s past: ranging from his heart condition to his talents, to his career in pro snowboarding, and more. Be sure to check it out on HBO Max on July 6th!

Murder on a School Night by Kate Weston – 7/4

For those looking for a murder mystery, rom-com story, Murder on a School Night is a perfect choice! Written by Kate Weston, the book tells the story of Kerry, as she plans to completely ignore the local high-school party and instead watch rom-com’s while maintaining her retainer schedule. But instead, her outgoing and mystery-fanatic friend Annie ropes her into investigating who has been cyberbullying one of the most popular girls in school, Heather. But when the girls find that Heather’s second-in-command Selena had suffocated and that another student ends up dead, the two are officially on the case to find out who has been causing these murders. Even if Kerry is highly protesting this entire thing. Check the book out on July 4th!

All About Romance by Daniel Tawse – 7/6

Written by Daniel Tawse, All About Romance tells the story of non-binary teen Roman Bright, as they navigate through school in hopes of finding love and friends. But it’s difficult to do so when you’re the only non-binary teen around in a small, northern town. But upon receiving some anonymous postcards from ‘Big Red’, Roman is intrigued by the strange development. They think that this might be the handiwork of their crush and almost-boyfriend, JJ, but he hasn’t revealed himself and possibly has zero intention to. If you want to read more about Roman’s adventure, be sure to check the book out on Amazon on July 6th!

Dominic Fike – Sunburn – 7/7

From the artist who brought 3 Nights and Peach to life, we have Dominic Fike bringing in his latest album Sunburn on July 7th! Be sure to check the date for the album’s release to hear songs such as Frisky and Mama’s Boy!