Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from June 4th-June 10th

We enter June, everyone! Do you have any plans for this summer? If you need more entertainment for the upcoming week, YEM has you covered!

Never Have I Ever Season 4 Premiere – 6/8

Never Have I Ever returns with its fourth season! With the end of the school year and Devi torn between planning the future and enjoying what’s left in the now, what will this newest season consist of for Devi’s time? Be sure to catch the Season 4 Premiere on June 8th!

Cruel Summer Season 2 Premiere – 6/5

The newest installment of Cruel Summer arrives for Kate and Jeanette, and things are getting exciting in this mystery! While you’re checking the show out, be sure to check out our latest interview with Griffin Gluck, who will star as Luke in this second season!

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts – 6/9

Autobots, unite or fall! The latest rendition of Transformers will release on June 9th! Not much is known about this film, other than that it’s based on the spinoff ‘Beast Wars’, which stars robots transforming into robotic animals. Be sure to catch the movie in theatres on June 9th!

The Idol – 6/4

If you’re looking for a drama series, how about The Idol? Jocelyn is determined to claim her right as the sexiest and greatest pop star in America, and her passion becomes relit thanks to Tedros, a nightclub manager with a sketchy past. How will her journey to stardom fare? Be sure to check the series out on HBO Max!

The Crowded Room – 6/9

Starring Tom Holland, The Crowded Room tells the story of Danny Sullivan, who was arrested for his involvement in a shooting in 1979. As his life unfolds thanks to the interrogator, Rya Goodwin, he’s led to how his mysterious past will eventually lead him to a life-altering revelation. Be sure to catch this mystery, thriller series on Apple+ TV!

Always Isn’t Forever by J.C. Cervantes – 6/6

Do you like paranormal, young adult romance books? Look no further than Always Isn’t Forever! Written by New York Times best-selling author J.C. Cervantes with numerous awards and recognitions under her belt, Always Isn’t Forever tells the story of best friends and soul mates Hart Augusto and Ruby Armenta. But when Hart drowns in a boating accident and, somehow through some divine intervention, has his soul transferred to the body of a local bad boy, he is not only forbidden from telling the truth, but his memories of his life as Hart are beginning to ebb away. If you’re eager to read more about what will occur between the two, be sure to check the book out on June 6th!

Conor Maynard – +11 Hours – 6/9

You might recognize this artist for Way Back Home (Sam Feldt Edit) with SHAUN. If so, Conor Maynard’s album +11 Hours will release on June 9th! The album will contain tracks such as If I Ever and Storage, so be sure to check his newest album on its release date!

Things I’ll Never Say by Cassandra Newbould – 6/6

A book made to be reminiscent of books written by Julie Murphy and Becky Albertalli, a raw coming-of-age story arrives! Things I’ll Never Say stars Casey, who works to navigate what it means to have a crush on two of your best friends at the same time. When Casey’s feelings for her friends Francesca and Benjamin slowly turn into a romantic attraction, and she’s spilled out everything she could ever say to her journals, she wishes her brother Sammy was here to help her decide if she should guard her heart or let it loose for love. Be sure to catch what will happen to Casey in Cassandra Newbould’s book on June 6th!

Janelle Monáe – The Age of Pleasure – 6/9

From the same artist that brought We Are YoungQ.U.E.E.N., and PYNK, Janelle Monáe arrives with a new album called The Age of Pleasure. With works such as Float and Ooh La La collaborated with artists Egypt 80′ & Seun Kuti and Grace Jones, this album will be the fifth studio album to come out since Janelle’s Dirty Computer. Be sure to check out this newest album on its release date on June 9th!

Niall Horan – The Show – 6/9

An Irish singer-songwriter and founder of the Modest! Golf Management company, the artist of Slow Hands and This Town, is here with his latest album, The Show. Through this album, you’ll be able to listen to works such as HeavenMeltdown, The Show, and even You Could Start A Cult. Be sure to catch this album on June 9th!