Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from September 17th- September 24th

As the weather cools off and we fall back into fall, check out these new releases! Whether you are looking for a song for your end of summer playlist or a new novel to sink into, we are sure you’ll find something on this week’s Top 10 Things to Read, Watch and Listen to.

1) “Sex Education” – Season 4 

This week tune into the newest season of “Sex Education” on Netflix. This teen dramedy focuses on high school student Otis who navigates through life and love with his sex therapist mother, Jean. Imagine how awkward that would be! Get ready to cry because season four is supposed to be an emotional rollercoaster. Check Netflix on September 21st for the newest season of “Sex Education”. You won’t want to miss it!

2) The Only Girl in Town – Ally Condie

New from New York Times bestseller Ally Condie, comes the hottest new young adult novel:  The Only Girl in Town. This book features a young girl, July Fielding, who finds herself all alone in her hometown of Lithia. She finds a cryptic message “GET TH3M BACK” and has to go about solving the mystery of her missing family and friends. This story is the perfect mix of mystery, action and love. If you are looking for a good story to curl up with this fall, this novel is calling your name. Look for it wherever you get your books on September 19th.

3) Matteo – Matteo Bocelli 

This week on September 22nd make sure to check out this new self-titled album by Matteo Bocelli. With 12 songs and 2 extra bonus tracks, this album is sure to draw you in. Fueled by production contributions from Ed Sheeran and Matthew Sheeran and others, this project is a top notch must listen. This album has a healthy mix of Italian and English songs that are chocked full of emotion. Make sure to check out on of our favorites “For You” from our Top 20 list! 

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4) Rustlin’ in the Rain – Tyler Childers 

Last week the oh-so-anticipated Tyler Childers album Rustlin’ in the Rain released on all streaming platforms. We thought that this album was definitely worth the listen, so if you haven’t gotten the chance to yet, definitely hit play soon. This album, though shorter than most at 7 songs, is mighty as any other of Childers’ projects. This country heart wrencher has brought tears to our eyes yet again with songs like “Space and Time” and “Phone Calls and Emails”. This project is inspired by Elvis and Kris Kristofferson and that is completely evident in the sound that it possesses. Though it did come out last week, we still think this is a musical must for every country music fan.

5) Spy Kids: Armageddon

Calling all Spy Kids fans! This new addition to the Spy Kids series is going to take you on an action-packed adventure as you follow two children as they face the world’s greatest and most powerful game developer and his evil computer virus that has spread to all of the Earth’s technology. Tune in on September 22nd to watch as Tony and his sister Patty save both their secret agent parents and the world.

6) Rest in Peace – Duncan Laurence 

New EP Rest in Peace by Duncan Lawrence is a refreshing pop project that is the perfect vibe to ring in the summer. One track that stands out is “Skyboy” which is a lyrical and musical masterpiece. Roll your windows down, press play and crank the volume on these incredible tracks. 

7) When a Brown Girl Flees – Aamna Qureshi

On September 19th, keep an eye out for this new adult fiction novel by Aamna Qureshi, author of award-winning novel The Lady or the Lion. This book tells the story of a young Muslim girl, Zahra Paracha, who runs away from the only home she has ever know to go on a journey of self-discovery. This story is emotional and inspiring and everything you could need out of a story like this. If you are looking to feel empowered, this is the story for you.

8) Dumb Money 

Dumb Money releases this week with its stacked cast including stars such as Shailene Woodley, Pete Davidson, Paul Dano, Sebastian Stan and Seth Rogen. This movie follows the true story of your average joe “Keith Gill” who gets rich on Wall Street by investing his lifesavings into GameStop stock. If you like movies like The Big Short, The Social Network, or The Wolf of Wall Street then you are sure to love this film. 

9) Home is Where the Hurt is – LANY

If you haven’t heard Home is Where the Hurt is yet, what are you even doing? LANY’s new single is out now everywhere. This song has intensely emotional lyrics that are relatable and gut-wrenching. This song speaks to the issues of familial disconnect and going through the motions of a broken home. This melodic masterpiece is sure to instill something inside of you and maybe even bring a tear to your eye. Totally worth a quick four-minute listen.

10) Angel Face – Stephen Sanchez

Steven Sanchez’s new album Angel Face is chock full of songs that you definitely don’t want to miss. This heavily anticipated album is sure to knock your socks off this Friday, September 22nd! Some already released singles of off this track include “Be More”, “Evangeline” and “Only Girl”. Sanchez’s music has a classic feel that echoes artists like Elvis and Frank Sinatra with a modern flair that is sure to keep you listening. This album gives off a vintage and elegant feel, while still maintaining a modern yet classy sound.

Preview the album with Sanchez’s new single “Be More” here:

We hope you enjoy this week’s hottest releases. Tune in next week to see what exciting releases are coming up and if you are looking for more entertainment inspiration, check out Young Entertainment Mag’s New Book Tuesday for more info on new reads.