Top 10 Things We Want to See in Olivia Rodrigo’s film, driving home to u

Olivia Rodrigo never disappoints. The world thought she couldn’t get more iconic, and she just did. Coming March 25, 2022, on Disney+, Olivia will take us through an intimate journey of what it took to create her “SOUR” album. In OLIVIA RODRIGO: driving home 2 u (a SOUR film) Olivia will retell memories of writing her record-breaking album and what it is like being a young woman navigating the music industry. Below are 10 things we would like to see in her upcoming project.

1. Olivia recording in the studio

It’s always cool to see an artist doing their thing in the recording booth. That’s where the magic happens. In the film, we would like to see Olivia recording in the studios displaying her raw talent.

2. The night “SOUR” was released

Who wishes they were at the release party for “SOUR”?? It was bound to be one for the books. Hopefully driving home to u shows Olivia and the people she is closest with on the night her debut album was released.

3. Olivia writing her songs

It’s no secret Olivia is a songbird. Each of her tracks grasps the listener’s heart and tugs at the heartstrings. Her songs include both the specificity and the broadness to relate to her audience. We would like to see what goes into writing her songs. Is it something very intimate to her? Does she like to partake in co-writes? Or both?

4. Performing her songs

While we do know this is not a concert film, it would still be cool to see Olivia perform one or two of her songs. Maybe from her Austin City Limits performance, the BRIT Awards, or even the AMA’s. Truly, the list could go on.

5. Interviews

Time to get up close and personal. How did Olivia feel with so much fame coming on to her so quickly? What is it like being in the spotlight at such a transformative stage in life? Interviews allow the audience to see how the artist really thinks about certain topics and be vulnerable with their art.

6. When she broke so many records

From having the most U.S. audio streams from a female debut album ever to being the most-streamed album in a week by a female artist in Spotify history, Olivia has broken numerous records. In driving home to u, it would be interesting to see how Olivia reacted when she continued to break the charts.

7. Her reaction to her Grammy nomination

The Grammy’s are basically the biggest music awards show…ever. Olivia is the second youngest artist in Grammy history to score nods in each of the Big Four categories in the same year. How insane is that? It’s a special moment to get nominated in any category, but to get nominated in the Big Four categories for your debut album? Almost unheard of.

8. Behind the scenes of her music videos

Olivia’s music videos are known for being iconic. We would like to see the work that went into creating music videos like “good 4 u”, “deja vu”, and “brutal,”

9. When Olivia, finally, got her drivers license

Okay, we are kidding…maybe, but that’s where it all began! How cute would it be to see Olivia getting her driver’s license and taking a stroll around the streets of Los Angeles?

10. How she navigates life

Olivia has many other obligations in her life outside of music. From press interviews to filming High School Musical: The Musical: The Series to just being a 19-year-old, we would like to see how she handles all of her responsibilities. How does she make time for friends or family? When does she take her ‘me-time’?

It has been one heck of a year for Olivia Rodrigo, and it’s just going to go up for here. What are you most excited about for her upcoming film?