Top 20 anticipated moments to look forward to!

The year 2022 was the year that will remain unforgotten. From anticipated horror blockbusters like “Smile” causing a spike in therapy appointments. Taylor Swift’s album caused everyone to stay up late and rethink life choices. Or even the Corn Kid (Tariq) having a notorious viral video that has 10 Million views and counting. Now that 2022 has come and gone, it’s out with the old and in with the new. The wait is finally over, 2023 is going to be filled with countless nostalgic moments that we all have been waiting for. So many, that we have ranked the top 20 anticipated moments to look forward to this year!

20. Teen Wolf: The Movie

We left off the last season in 2017 with Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) rescuing a new werewolf  Alec (Benjamin Wadsworth) from the Anuk-Ite and Gernard who were attempting to take over Beacon Hills. After defeating them,  Scott recruited Alec to join his pack for protection from the hunters that still were lurking in the dark. Well.. what is done in the dark will come to the light! After six years since its last season, Scott( who still remains an alfa) and his pack are back to defend themselves from the new threats that seem to have come back on their territory. The trailer has brought back the excitement for the mythical drama that was once on our screens every week. Tune in on January 26th on Paramount+! 

19. Velma

For a series that came out over 54 years ago, Scooby-Doo remains a classic cartoon every generation has fallen in love with. Now, a spin-off series will take place focusing on America’s fan-favorite brainy teenager: Velma (voiced by Mindy Kaling).  There has not been a concrete detailed plot to know what to expect, other than the trailer that was released last year in October. With there being a great amount of Scooby-Doo spin-offs over the past few decades, Audiences will be shown how this one differs from the others. Catch Velma on January 12th on HBO max.

18. One Of us is Back

The “One of us is lying” series is continuing this year along with a new book coming out this summer. This series has been so popular that it even turned into a show on the streaming platform peacock. The Bayview crew have gone from proving their innocence, to surviving a copycat killer, and now a new game has started. The New York Times best-selling author Karen M. Mcmanus is excited to release the third book this August 16th.

 17. Paramore Album

That’s right! The countdown has officially started. Paramore has come back to give us a new album after their absence for almost ten years! The band is best known for its pop-rock hits from the early 2000s. Fans have been anticipating the news since 2022. Not only are they releasing new music, but a tour is also happening this year as well. Social media The release date will be on February 10th according to Atlantic Records. 

16. M3GAN

Killer dolls are making a comeback in 2023! Ever since the trailer for the movie was released in October,  nobody can’t get enough of  M3GAN.  The Lifelike doll has been taking over social media with nonstop memes over all social platforms. However, mainly the movie’s official Twitter account has been making tweets poking fun at the notorious “Chucky” doll. The two accounts were having an online feud that has been entertaining their followers. The movie has a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes to date.

15. Iron Heart 

Disney will be releasing a show surrounding Riri Williams who is known for making advanced suits just like Iron Man. Her initial debut in the Marvel movie universe was in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever where she was a supporting character. Fans have been speculating on how re RiRi’s story is going to connect to the original Iconic Iron Man. Speculations will continue until this Fall, but Disney has yet to set a release date as of right now.

14. The Davenports

The “Davenports” provides an escape from reality to teen romance while offering a peek into a period of African American history that does not often get the attention it deserves. It has been hinted at giving off the same niche as the hit Netflix show “Bridgeton”. This book is perfect for those who are in love with vintage romance!

13. Rihanna Super Bowl Half-Time Show

We all love to gather around doing February to watch the most important game of the year. However, there is no comparison to the excitement that the halftime performance brings to viewers. This year, Rihanna will be making her way back on the stage to perform this year. The singer’s last album “ANTI” was released in 2016. Since then, Rihanna has focused more on being a businesswoman tending to the many personal brands she owns. Being that she is so busy, it was big news to know she will be performing this year in February.

12. The Super Mario Bros. Movie

  It has finally been made, we are getting a movie about the game that everyone has known and loved for years. The all-star voice actors like Jack Black (Bowser) and Chris Pratt (Mario) have made viewers excited to see their childhood come on the big screen. The Premiere will be on April 7th!

11. FreeRidge

The Spinoff for the hit show “On My Block” is coming very soon! The Original series ended in 2021. Leaving fans with saddened hearts. That is until the creators revealed there will be a spin-off taking place. The series is going to be just like the original but with a twist that has yet to be revealed. Viewers will be able to see it in February.

10. Cherish

This book is the second installment from the original book “Charm”  written by Tracy Wolff.  the character Grace has finally graduated from the academy, but there seems to be danger lurking Around. Grace and her friends have to enter the shadow realm to save their missing friend. The book is expected to be released in May.

9. Lana Del Rey’s New Album

Lana Del Rey will be returning with her new album “Did you know that there’s a tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard”.She relieved the cover art recently and fans have been making it their profile pictures across social media. It features the 60s black and white filter that captures the Vintage niche Del Rey is praised for. The album will be released in March.

8. Barbie Movie

This movie was the most talked about in 2020 due to its all-star casting. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling were in various Articles about them shooting the movie in Los Angeles. It is estimated that this will be one of the most talked-about movies of the summer. It will hit theaters in July.

7. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 4

Our favorite Disney+  so we’ll be returning this summer. this season is supposed to be our  Wildcat’s senior year.  it is estimated that there will be six original High School Musical cameos taking part in this season. The plot is going to surround a High School Musical Reunion happening at the original School. Filming has already been wrapped up since last year, so now time to countdown till summer!

6.  Never have I Ever Season 4

Never have I ever will be returning During Devi’s senior year! Like most show surrounding High School, Senior year is always the final chapter of the story. Netflix will not be renewing the show due to the plot being set to end this year. An official date has not been revealed yet, so take the time to say goodbye to Devi and her friends.

5. The Little Mermaid

This may be Disney’s most anticipated movie this year is that this is the first Little Mermaid live-action film. Posters are now starting to be posted around movie theaters for promotion of the movie. It is set to be released in May.

4. Beyonce Tour

Beyonce will be finally bringing the party across the world for her seventh studio album “Renaissance”!Speculations were put to an end after various sources started to alert fans about private information. Her last tour was with her husband Jay Z in 2018. Tickets have yet to be released, but make sure to keep a watchful eye!

3. Outerbanks

You read correctly! Outer Banks Season 3 will be coming out this year! Photos have already been released from various episodes. After the last season ended with a bang, fans were eager to watch the new season.  Relationships seem to unfold in a dramatic way. A teaser has been released from Netflix recently.

2. Heartstopper 2

LGBTQ+  youth romance show that took 2022 by storm is making a comeback to steal our hearts away. According to Netflix, The show will not only receive a second season but a third as well. Heartstopper has touched the LGBTQ+ community because of its rare positive depictions of queer individuals. Netflix has revealed new characters that will be making their way into the plot. There has not been a set release date, so fingers (and heartstrings) crossed!

1.  Taylor Swift Tour

Last but not least, Taylor Swift will be going on tour performing her hit album Midnights! Taylor Made her fans even more excited about the tour after her social media story (via Instagram) confirmed that she has been rehearsing recently. Taylor has not performed solo since the Reputation Tour in 2017. Expectations are extremely high being that Taylor always knows how to bring in an iconic performance.