top 3 new singles

Every week, we post three of our favorite new music videos to hit the web so that you can get current with your music whilst enjoying a feast for your ears and eyes.  The style and tone may differ somewhat from week to week or video to video, but the awesomeness will remain consistent.  Feel free to do a little shimmy if you feel it’s appropriate … Enjoy!  

The 1975 – Girls

The 1975 are complaining at the beginning of this song that they’re not a pop band, but … I don’t know. Yes, they may be decked out in Dr. Marten boots with punky haircuts, but on the other hand their song Girls is also adorned with one of this years catchiest choruses (chori?!) and the video is filled with leggy models. The song has 11 million plays on Spotify … watch the video and judge for yourself! 

Love and Theft – Night that You’ll Never Forget

Ruh-oh … there’s a still buzzed looking policeman stumbling out of the house in Love and Theft’s latest video. But wait … when you watch the rest of the video, which features the boys singing in a party, it turns out that he’s just a male stripper. Phew. The song is pretty pleasant in a country sort of way and might just end up being their biggest hit since Angel Eyes went platinum for them in 2011. Check out the video here:

Catey Shaw – Brooklyn Girls

This video has gone viral in the last couple of days, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include it. This song is 2014’s answer to Rebecca Black’s Friday, and it’s got people upset about the gentrification of Brooklyn. People seem to dislike the aesthetic of the video and one user commented that it would make you want to move back to Ohio. Nevertheless, the song is pretty catchy and Catey Shaw got her start playing in New York subway stations so maybe she knows a thing or two about what she’s talking about after all. Judge for yourself below: