The Top 5 YA shows of 2010s

This decade has seen a ton of great shows for teenagers. From The CW, to Freeform, to streaming and everywhere in between. One this is for sure: the 2010s delivered when it came to hit shows. Let’s take a look back at 5 shows from the past 10 years that we’ll be re-watching long after the new year comes. Note: All these shows began during or after 2010 and concluded before the end of 2019. So sorry Gossip Girl fans.

5.American Vandal (2017-2019)

Firstly, a true crime satire set in a high school world. It followed the aftermath of several high school pranks. The show soon became a fan favorite. After two seasons, the show was cancelled. But it did spare fans the tragedy of a show gone on too long.

4.The Fosters (2013-2018)

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

Watching The Fosters family grow up and eventually venture out as adults made viewers feel like they were a part of the big family. Every character on the show was unique from the parents to the twins to the new editions of Callie and Jude. The show tackles heavy subjects from homosexuality to illness to school shootings. And now, the family can be seen on the spin-off Good Trouble. Thankfully, Freeform gave the show a proper ending and continuation, unlike some other shows. (Ehem, Shadowhunters, Ehem.)

3.Arrow (2012-2019)

Arrow starring Stephen Amell
The CW is known for its DC superhero shows. And honestly, CW would never have become the DC home if it wasn’t for Arrow. Stephen Amell stars as Oliver Queen who fights crime and corruption with, what else? A bow and arrow. The show gave us action, adventure, a favorite ship (Oliver/Felicity). Not to mention the overall ArrowVerse which was home to the CW’s unforgettable yearly crossovers.

2.Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017)

Is there any way to describe this show other than “iconic”? First based on a book series, being on the small screen took these Liars to new highs. The show launched the careers of its six leading ladies and made them famous all over the world. PLL even inspired 3 spin-off series. But sadly, none of those shows held a candle to the real thing. Yes the show had a less-than-perfect finale. But now we’ll have to pray for is a revival or reunion.

1.Jane The Virgin (2014-2019)

Finally, based on the Spanish Telenovelas, Jane The Virgin pretty much developed a genre all its own. Part drama, part comedy, part fantasy, part romance. Moreover, all mixed into one addicting show. From the first season, viewers had a charismatic lead. Plus not to mention two swoon-worthy men that completed the unpredictable (although sometimes frustrating) love triangle. One of the only Latina-led series on television, star Gina Rodriguez won a Golden Globe for best actress during the show’s first season. And spanning over 100 episodes, fans of the show would agree that it’s obvious why Jane The Virgin is our choice for #1 teen show of the decade.