Top 6 New Movies That Will Make You Think

Have you ever seen a movie so good it changed your mind forever? It can be a movie you never thought would bring you a different perspective on some topic. But here you are, mouth agape, not knowing what to do with your new knowledge. It’s always a good surprise to find a great movie. 

Some films are cult classics for this exact reason. Many people believe cinematography or actors make movies great. It is a mix of actors’ performances, stunning writing, and composition. Not all movies that are great are always beautiful in the literal meaning of the word.

It is important to be in the right mood for such movies. For example, when I can’t deal with my assignments I do my paper with WritePaper writers and get a free evening just to relax and watch the title. You can invite your college friends to share the experience with you. Yet, it is important to focus on what’s happening on the screen.

Kimi (2022)

This one is one of few films that actually acknowledge the existence of a pandemic, which is refreshing to see. Kimi follows the story of Angela, a tech worker who is afraid of leaving her house. She witnesses a crime and has to report it, overcoming her anxiety and other obstacles. If you like thrillers and mysteries, you would appreciate this one. 

What makes you think is how traumatic experience affects us and how global events like pandemics dictate new reality. So it is perfect to see the story set in the present day and dealing with relevant problems. Kimi may be inspired by Rear Window (1954), but it’s not a sequel set in a modern setting. In any way, this did make a good homage to old Hollywood cinema.

Don’t Look Up (2021)

If you watched The Big Short, then you would enjoy this movie too. Adam McKay has a talent for creating satirical and critical movies. The story follows two astronomers who discover a threat that might end life on earth and try to draw people’s attention to it. But, as funny as it is, it may be a frustrating experience to witness the complete disinterest of authorities and people in real issues that affect us all. 

It may be a little up to your face, but Don’t Look Up raises a good question about how we all react and trust information nowadays. In the world of such an information flow, we adapt to it, sometimes making not the best decisions. This movie is perfect for watching with your friends at a sleepover and cringing every time you find it too realistic. Sometimes we all are the scientists who scream at the top of our lungs. 

Promising Young Woman (2020)

The world is full of “nice guys” who pretend to be interested and caring but end up “like any other guy.” This is something that Cassie repeatedly proves with every encounter in bars or clubs. At first, the audience is unsure why she does this and how she ended up with her specific quest. However, the more we watch the story unfold, the more we as viewers understand her and cheer up for her. 

The film makes a good point about how the system is flawed. We may judge the protagonist, empathize with her, and feel sorry when something goes wrong. Promising Young Woman asks us how we would act to prevent this from happening? The ending somehow leaves you shocked and makes you wonder if there was any other way out. 

Parasite (2019)

Oscar-winner story of a Kim family and their attempts to pawn their way to success. It is a drama thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat with every twist and turn of lies, manipulations, and desperation. Yet, you always feel ambiguous about the characters. Are they good guys whom you need to sympathize with?

It is quite a straightforward critique of class and wealth disparities that can be seen in any community. Indeed, you empathize with the Kim family and want them to break free from debts and achieve something greater. Yet, just like in real life, nothing is as simple and easy as we want it to be. This emotionally heavy film will make you want to rewatch it several times to grasp all the small details and messages left by the director. 

Midsommar (2019) 

The director, Ari Aster, gained a reputation as someone who knows how to create a creepy atmosphere with little effort. Midsommar follows Dani as she follows her estranged boyfriend on a summer trip to a commune in Sweden. From there, everything goes rather not great for all visitors invited. Nevertheless, Dani becomes allured by the cult, and it should be a story where the viewer should say “good for her” in the end. 

However, if you miss the movie’s main point, you should rewatch it. There’s a tricky and blurred line between what we think is happening and what really happens. Midsommar is smart in setting expectations and pulling a rug under your feet. It will make you think twice about how easy it is to get fooled and dragged into something bad.

Sorry to Bother You (2018)

A surreal black comedy about Cash, a young man who lands a job as a telemarketer. From this point, he unfolds one simple rule of this occupation and starts climbing up the career ladder. But, of course, nothing is simple and easy for Cash. He gets entangled in something darker than scams and money schemes. 

Yet another example of an excellent roller coaster of movie experience after you finish your assignments. Boots Riley creates a world on its own, the reflection of a capitalist utopia (or rather nightmare) that the audience can’t crack. What happens to Cash, and how could he change his fate? All of these questions flow into your consciousness after watching it. 

To Sum Up

Every time you think you watched something over the top, come back later, and you will discover the perfect metaphor for our current problems. Of course, you can rewatch classics like Truman’s Show or Perfect Blue, but new movies offer you something more relatable. The game changed a long time ago, and there are new classics worth discovering.