Top Singles To Hit The Web

Top Singles to Hit the Web

Every week, we post three of our favorite new music videos to hit the web so that you can get current with your music whilst enjoying a feast for your ears and eyes. The style and tone may differ somewhat from week to week or video to video, but the awesomeness will remain consistent.  Feel free to do a little shimmy if you feel it’s appropriate … Enjoy!  

Scotty McCreery – Feelin’ It

Scotty McCreery is blowing up your speakers with his new jam; he’s made a definitive laundry list of all the things that make summer days awesome, and we see him doing a few of them in the video! He looks like he’s having a hell of a time with his friends, and this song is meant to be blasted in the sunshine through rolled down car windows. Check out the video below. Are you feelin’ it?


Aloe Blacc – Hello World (The World Is Ours)

Aloe Blacc’s career was given a big boost when he recorded the vocals for Avicii’s number one single ‘Wake Me Up’, and he’s back now with a single all of his very own. The video centers around life in the ghetto; he’s challenging stereotypes by showing seemingly menacing characters exhibiting altruism towards their fellow man. Oh, and there’s a bit of him singing in a rundown theater. It’s definitely a feel good song with a video to match. Check it out below:

John Legend – You and I (Nobody in the World)

A kind of Wonderful Tonight for a new generation, this song has the vibe that we’ve come to expect from John Legend, who has the beautiful ballad market well and truly cornered. The ladies in this video are looking pretty upset as they study themselves in the mirror, but the message of the song is overwhelmingly positive. John Legend is telling us that we’re beautiful! All of us! He’s such a smoothie, AND he gets bonus points for including a cameo from our favorite transgender babe Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black fame. Check out the video here:

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