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The Divergent Soundtrack is not only one of the best soundtracks we’ve ever heard, but it’s definitely headed to the top of our list of best albums of the year…possibly the decade, TBD. Heavily featuring Ellie Goulding, the album also has favorites of ours such as Zedd, Skrillex, Tame Impala and more. We had a feeling that it was going to be good thanks to music supervisor Randall Poster, well known for his work on several Wes Anderson movies. It’s hard for us to pick a favorite track, since they’re all so amazing; instead, we broke down each track for you and encourage you guys to listen to all! What’s your favorite song? Let us know using the hashtag #DivergentSoundtrack @YAmzine!

01 Zedd: “Find You” [ft. Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant] Anton Zaslavski, aka Zedd, is a Russian-German electronic music producer and DJ. The 24-year-old Zedd is on a hot streak right now and “Find You” is going to keep it going. It’s romantic without being overpowering, much like the love story in Divergent. The synth beats feel fresh and the vocals are complimentary to the song. This was the first single off the album and was released on its own this past January.


02 Ellie Goulding: “Beating Heart” – Ellie Goulding is one of the most popular artists right now, featured in dozens of commercials and some of our favorite TV shows. Some might argue she’s the cornerstone of the Divergent soundtrack. This is the second single off the album. Goulding has four songs on the soundtrack and she also provided vocals for the score of the film.

Ellie Goulding

03 Pia Mia: “Fight for You” [ft. Chance the Rapper] – Pia Mia Perez, aka Pia Mia, is a Guamanian singer-songwriter, actress and model. The 17-year-old rose to fame with her cover of Drake’s “Hold on We’re Going Home.” She self-released it on YouTube and the video quickly went viral. Pia Mia has worked with music heavyweights such as Kayne West and now, Chance the Rapper. “Fight for You” has a poignant message that her beautiful vocals underscore and it wouldn’t be so far to take a leap and say that this is Tris’s internal anthem for much of the movie, particularly the first half.

Pia Mia

04 Ellie Goulding: “Hanging On” (I See MONSTAS remix) – Here’s another of the four songs Ellie Goulding contributed to the soundtrack. The director of the movie, Neil Burger, has said “We started working with songs from [Ellie Goulding’s album] Halcyon and soon found that the texture of her music and the tone of her voice perfectly matched our film, in many ways Ellie has become the inner voice of our heroine Tris.” This may be most true with “Hanging On.” The electronica combined with Goulding’s heart-wrenching lyrics and vocals are perfectly Divergent-ready.

Ellie Goulding

05 Snow Patrol: “I Won’t Let You Go” – Snow Patrol is another band that has had songs featured in some of our favorite TV shows and movies, and it makes sense they would be featured here, as well. There’s an anthemic quality to “I Won’t Let You Go” that still retains a sensitivity and beauty despite the pounding drums and swelling guitar.

Snow Patrol

06 Woodkid: “Run Boy Run” – “Run Boy Run” was actually written and recorded by Yoann Lemoine aka Woodkid for his album The Golden Age back in 2011. Thankfully the song had a second resurgence in 2013 and made its way onto the Divergent soundtrack. Woodkid wrote the song with the help of Ambroise Willaume. To date, it’s his most famous hit single and with good reason. The awesome beat of the song recalls Tris and others running and training for their lives.


07 Tame Impala and Kendrick Lamar: “Backwards” – This song became popular last year, but with the addition of Kendrick Lamar for the remix it takes on a new, gritty life of its own. According to MTV, “”Backwards” is a new take on Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” off of their 2012 record Lonerism. A more jagged spin on the smooth jam, the ethereal chorus (“Feels like we only go backwards”) lilts in the background, overlaid by Kendrick’s lightning fast rhymes: “No rules/ now feel the energy we go through/ I told you/ Put my fists like I’m supposed to/ I showed you.”

Tame Impala Kendrick Lamar

08 M83: “I Need You” – M83 is always good for bringing the intense emotions and the new track “I Need You” is no exception. Following a stint scoring Tom Cruise’s latest flick Oblivion, M83 is back in the world of cinema. The song is a gift that features an incredible vocal hook reminiscent of some of the best 80’s songs, wrapped in synthesizers and an unreal saxophone lead.


09 A$AP Rocky: “In Distress” [ft. Gesaffelstein] – In the vein of his Skirllex collab ‘Wild For the Night,’ A$AP Rocky is bringing another electronic-laced song to the soundtrack. Rocky raps alongside EDM producer Gesaffelstein, famed for his partnership with Kanye on Yeezus.

A$AP Rocky

10 Pretty Lights: “Lost and Found” (ODESZA remix) – Fresh off a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronica Album, DJ Pretty Lights is delivering his typical angst ridden beats against an awesome ODESZA remix. The song perfectly highlights the film’s dystopian future themes and is pretty easy on the ears too.

Pretty Lights

11 Skrillex: “STRANGER” [ft. KillaGraham from Milo & Otis & Sam Dew] – Skrillex is contributing to the soundtrack in a big way. He has released a full album online without anyone knowing, much like our dear Beyonce. “STRANGER” is a big song with lots of twists and turns and a futuristic feel. Skrillex is perfect to underscore the strength and intensity of Shailene’s character, Tris.


12 Big Deal: “Dream Machines” – Big Deal may be the best new band you haven’t yet heard of. The duo is from London and made up of Alice Costelloe and Kacey Underwood. Their first successes came from raw, stripped down, restrained and paired back music, which may come as a surprise upon listening to “Dream Machines.” The song is heavy on rhythm, including big drums and intense guitars. Their ethereal vocals are still intact, however.  

Big Deal

13 Ellie Goulding: “Dead In The Water” – “Dead In The Water” was originally on Goulding’s album Halcyon. The album was hugely successful and this song may very well be the reason that Goulding attracted the Divergent team and is featured so prominently on the CD. The song is haunting and beautiful and touches on many of the themes of the movie.

Ellie Goulding

14 Woodkid: “I Love You” BONUS TRACK – Woodkid contributed a second track to the soundtrack, although it’s only featured on the Deluxe edition. “I Love You” carries a simple message but cuts to the emotional core of Divergent. The song is the third single Woodkid has ever released and carries many of the same auspices as “Run Boy Run.”


15 Banks: “Waiting Game” BONUS TRACK – Banks has been cited as an influence for Ellie Goulding, and one listen to “Waiting Game” makes it clear why. Jillian Banks aka Banks has previously said she “taught herself piano when she received a keyboard from a friend to help her through her parents’ divorce.” She says she “felt very alone and helpless. I didn’t know how to express what I was feeling or who to talk to.”” Her sound also recalls The Weeknd, whom she has toured with.  


16 Ellie Goulding: “My Blood” BONUS TRACK – To close out the Deluxe edition, one final Ellie Goulding song was included. “My Blood” is a crazy power anthem, one sure to inspire you to conquer all that holds you back. It also has a great thematic tie in to the book and movie.  

Ellie Goulding