TV Tunes: Week Of October 11th, 2015

Welcome to TV Tunes where YE tells you all about the sweet jams you hear on your favorite shows every week. Hear something you like, but can never figure out the title or artist? We’ve got you covered! Check out our breakdown of the best TV Tunes this week featuring songs from Awkward, Faking It, and Scream Queens.

Scream Queens: Allanah Myles, “Black Velvet”

Another ep full of 80’s and 90’s throwbacks, and this time SQ featured the iconic and at the time ubiquitous Elvis tribute song “Black Velvet” from one hit wonder Allanah Myles. Sensual, southern, sultry, sexy, and sad, this tune sets the mood for Gigi’s and Grace’s dad’s “salad date” aka casual sexy time just as Grace herself accidentally breaks up the action.

Faking It: Wolf & Cub, “Shut Me Out”

On Amy’s quest to snag a prom date before being forced to confront her feelings for Karma by ending up going with her BFF, Amy revisits an old flame, drama nerd Oliver, who has a new lady friend named Jamie…which rhymes with Amy…did we mention she kinda looks like Amy, and he’s dressed her like Amy and written a play about her? The soundtrack to Amy slinking away from her would-be stalker is Wolf & Cub’s “Shut Me Out.” Wolf & Cub are an Australian psych rock band. The trio have been around for a bit, but the bouncy and rocky “Shut Me Out” is off their most recent release Heavy Weights.

Awkward: Springtime Carnivore, “Collectors”

Playing over Jenna’s mom Lacey’s baby shower/gender reveal party is this upbeat yet gravelly track from Springtime Carnivore (above pic), aka Illinois native Greta Morgan. The standout single for Morgan thus far has been “Name On a Matchbook,” but this Awkward track “Collectors” picks up right where the single left off–bounce-your-head indie beat with just enough folksiness and quirk to still be cool despite being near danceable. Morgan’s self-titled debut is out in stores and streaming now. Check out the too-cool video for “Name On a Matchbook” above!