TV Tunes: Week Of October 4th, 2015

Welcome to TV Tunes where YE tells you all about the sweet jams you hear on your favorite shows every week. Hear something you like, but can never figure out the title or artist? We’ve got you covered! Check out our breakdown of the best TV Tunes this week featuring songs from Awkward, Faking It, and Scream Queens.

Awkward: The Holy Coast, “Space You Haunt”

Jenna goes on a Sex and the City themed dream sequence “What does it all mean?” emotional walkabout, kind of like High Fidelity meets Lost where she ponders why things never worked out with each of her exes…and all roads lead back to Matty. When Jenna finally meets up with dream Matty to discuss the past, we hear this dreamy track from Phoenix based electro three-piece The Holy Coast. The very situationally apt “Space You Haunt” is off their self-titled EP out now!!! Check out another Holy Coast jam above!

Faking It: Walla, “101”

While Amy and Karma are discussing the Liam drama, they run into Karma’s mom at a cafe…only to realize, Karma’s mom still presents Karma as an out and proud lesbian to her new friends in PFLAG, and to let her mom have a win, Karma and Amy decide to start faking it (again) to the tune of Walla’s “101.” Walla are an LA based quartet of dudes with eclectic tastes and thus a very genre defying sound, but “101” is definitely the windows-down-road-trip indie pop anthem we never knew we needed. With no full length out yet, the group do have a slew of EPs and singles available for download now! Check out a live performance of “101” above!!

Scream Queens: Belinda Carlisle, “Mad About You”

In the now steady tradition of hitting us with all kinds of late 80’s and early 90’s throwbacks, Ryan Murphy and company take us back to post-Go Go’s Belinda Carlisle with this banging girl power karaoke jam. As Hester and the other Chanels sock it to some misogynist haters in the cafeteria, we hear this cute and sweet late 80’s jam. And our ladies do get a bit carried away, a bit mad if you will. Lol. Check out the OG video above and see where T. Swift co-opted pretty much her whole schtick.