Up-and-comer Preston LeMacks gets vulnerable with YEM on how he got into music and the role Joshua Bassett had on his career | Young Entertainment Mag

Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Preston LeMacks is capturing audiences and fans with his smooth vocals and emotional lyrics. We have an exclusive interview with Preston to learn more about how he got into songwriting, the power of social media for artists trying to grow their brands, his inspirations and future collaboration hopes, and more, brought to you by Young Entertainment Exclusive. 

Preston is an independent artist based out of Houston, Texas. We asked Preston how he first got into music and while music had always been a part of his life, he said he started thinking about it professionally in 2020. His family moved from San Antonio to Houston and being in a brand new city and isolated due to Covid-19 inspired him to start writing songs to process things during that time. He also said the Disney+ show High School Musical: The Musical: The Series had a big impact on him, especially the work of Joshua Bassett, who played the lead character of Ricky Bowen.

Preston said music serves as a way to help people heal from difficult things and he wanted to help others with his songs. Since then, he has come in second place in the Senior Division of the Houston Rodeo Rockstar competition. He just released his debut EP titled “Heartbreak Diary”.

Preston said songwriting is his favorite part of music, followed by being on stage and performing. His first big performance was this past July in Houston and before getting on stage, he said he likes to play video games, do vocal warmups, and drink hot tea. We asked Preston about the power of social media in giving artists a platform and he said social media has been the greatest tool in getting his music out there to fans all over the world. One of his videos blew up in India, which he said would have never happened without social media. 

Some of Preston’s biggest musical inspirations include Joshua Bassett, Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic, and the album “A Beautiful Blur” from LANY. Preston once blew up on social media after a video of him singing Joshua Bassett’s song “Common Sense” to fans outside of Joshua’s concert. He would love to collaborate with Joshua, Ed, and Sadie Jean in the future. 

Thank you, Preston, for your time and for speaking with YEM! Make sure to follow him on his Instagram at @prestonlemacksmusic04 (PrestonLeMacks (@prestonlemacksmusic04) • Instagram photos and videos). Please also watch the interview below, where we ask him more questions such as his songwriting process and enjoy a special performance of a cover of a Joshua Bassett song. While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!

Consider this: 

-The more personal you are in your songs, the more people that connect to them. Being vulnerable is okay. 

-Developing a routine before going on stage will help to calm your nerves while performing. 

-Use social media to your advantage in promoting your own content.