Vampire Academy | Interview with Jonetta Kaiser and J. August Richards

Peacock TV is giving us our fix of vampires, and we couldn’t be more excited! The new series, Vampire Academy, starts streaming on Peacock on September 15, and we can’t wait to watch it! Here at YEM, we got to sit down with Jonetta Kaiser and J. August Richards, who star in the new series. They told us a little bit about their characters and what we can expect from the show. You’ll definitely want to tune into the full interview!

First, Jonetta shares some information about her character, Sonya Karp. Sonya is a librarian at Vladmir Academy, and one thing that Jonetta tells us is that her character is a little bit spaced out at times. She also shares some fun things on set and what it was like to get into character. J. August Richards plays Victor Dashkov, Sonya’s adopted father. The show’s characters have a lot of interesting dynamics, and Richards dives a little bit into what we can expect from the world of the underground vampire society.

It was also so much fun to talk to J. August about his experiences being such a seasoned actor, and what his process was like working with the other actors. Jonetta also tells us a little bit about what her time was like on set, especially working with such a refined actor as J. August. It was so great to hear about how they learned from each other on set. We also got to talk to Jonetta and J. August about their past endeavors, whether it be working on films or going to college, so stay tuned for that!

We can’t thank Jonetta and J. August enough for sitting down and chatting with us, and we’re so excited to see them on screen! Be sure to catch Vampire Academy streaming only on Peacock TV on September 15th! Also, make sure to comment down below and subscribe to YEM’s YouTube channel for all things pop culture!