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For fans of K-pop music, check out JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group, VCHA, which was created from American 2 Korea, also known as A2K, an American reality show competition. A2K debuted a year ago as a collaboration between JYP Entertainment from South Korea and Republic Records from the United States. Auditions kicked off in the United States, inviting teen girls to embark on a journey that would take them from Los Angeles to Seoul for the opportunity to debut in the next big global girl group. This collaboration is the first of its kind, in which an American group is trained under a K-pop system. The contestants were narrowed down to six and VCHA, consisting of members Lexi, Camila, Savanna, Kendall, KG, and Kaylee, has been training in secrecy for the past five months to prepare for their debut. 

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Savanna said when the girls met each other for the first time, it was nerve wracking but everyone was so friendly and excited to get started. We asked the group how the name VCHA was created, and Savanna said it came from a similar Korean word which means to shine on, which is fitting for them as a new up-and-coming group hoping to connect with fans around the world. 

Kaylee said the most challenging part of the journey so far has been the mental aspect, and dealing with both the happy and difficult moments of being away from friends and family and training in secrecy. Kaylee said it is helpful to be part of a group, surrounded by five other girls to enjoy the performances together. 

We asked the group about preparing for performances and Kendall said the group uses different vocal warmups including lip trills and scales and stretching exercises for dance routines. VCHA currently has three songs out now, part of their three-track bundle called SeVit (NEW LIGHT), including “Know Me Like That”, “Go Getter”, and “Y.O. Universe”. Lexi said preparing to film the “Y.O. Universe” music video was exciting in practicing the routines, and it has paid off as the video has already garnered over seven million views on YouTube. 

We asked the members of VCHA if they play any instruments and KG said she enjoys playing the guitar and piano while other members of the group have dabbled in the flute, clarinet, and violin. Lexi and Camila are the oldest members of the group and they have enjoyed helping out the rest of the members in making sure they are feeling comfortable and getting enough sleep. 

We also asked VCHA who they would like to collaborate with in the future and Lexi said she would like to collaborate with other K-pop groups within JYP Entertainment because they often see them in the studio and look up to them. Savanna said after training in secrecy, the best part of debuting is now being able to share the group with supporters all over the world. 

Camila said she hopes that people who listen to VCHA will feel more confident in being themselves through their uplifting lyrics and music videos. 

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Consider this: 

  • Lip trills are a vocal exercise that involve making a sound like a toy vehicle or plane made by fluttering your lips. These can help with air support. 
  • Stretch before practicing or performing a dance routine.
  • Rely on those you’re working with to lift you up and give you confidence to help you overcome difficult situations.
  • Relax and enjoy your performances!