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Happening Around the Web

Here are Young Adult Magazine’s top picks for fun stuff that has been happening around the web this week, including anything to do with our top teen novels and anything movie-young adult related:

In case you hadn’t heard, our favorite teen sleuthstress Veronica Mars is back with the whole gang for a web spinoff series. Check out the details here:

73 questions is back, and this time The Scene shoots quick-fire questions and ping pong balls with Daniel Radcliffe to provide you with everything you need to know:

In Tea Time with Epic Reads, the girls talk about reading recommendations and how to take care of your books for those of you who aren’t on E-readers. Check it out here:

We felt like we lost a favorite uncle a few days ago. Here are the best Robin Williams moments, courtesy of Mashable: 

Some pretty fascinating trivia about ancient medical practices from VSauce2 (definitely don’t try these at home):

Honest Trailers serves up another helping; this time skewering Sly Stallone vehicle The Expendables 3: