What to Expect when you Do Revenge

The revenge genre gets a makeover with the new dark comedy Do Revenge (2022), which premieres September 16 on Netflix. The trailer for the film, which follows two girls named Drea and Eleanor, who team up to ‘do revenge’ on each other’s bullies, just recently dropped on Netflix’s YouTube channel. Here’s a breakdown of the five best moments from this delightfully twisted trailer.

1. All the Familiar Faces

The biggest highlight of this trailer was all of the familiar faces within. To start, the film’s leads are Maya Hawke, aka Robin from Stranger Things (0:26), and Camila Mendes, or as you might know her, Veronica from Riverdale (0:02). Aside from that, one of the bullies, Max, is played by Austin Abrams, known for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, where he also played a vicious bully, and Paper Towns (0:08). Additionally, we see that one of Max’s cronies is played by Alisha Boe, who previously was known for her role as Jessica Davis on 13 Reasons Why (0:07). Not to mention that Avi Capri (Lucy from Love, Victor) will be playing Clarissa Jones, Eleanor’s tormentor (0:33). It’s going to be a dream come true for fans to see all these stars together in one film.

2. ‘Glennergy’

Another one of the more notable moments in this trailer was towards the end, when after Eleanor says, referring to Clarissa, “I want to burn her to the ground”, Drea immediately responds with “Whoa! You are giving serious Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction energy right now” (0:54), Or as Eleanor puts it, “Glennergy”. The comparison is appropriate, with both films centering around women who decide to make their wrongdoers’ lives hell.

3. The Best of Both Worlds

One of the more exciting moments here was the posh and rich Drea bringing herself down to the middle class in order to deal with Clarrisa (1:18), while Eleanor gets to upgrade her wardrobe and join the upper-class as she sets out to give Max his comeuppance (1:05). It’s almost Pretty Woman meets The Parent Trap. 

4. The Cis-Hetero Men Championing Female-Identifying Students League’

One of the comedic highlights of this trailer, undoubtedly, was when the sexist Max announced his absolutely tone-deaf ‘Cis-Hetero Men Championing Female-Identifying Students League’ (1:33). The irony of such a misogynistic jerk launching such a feminist club was pure gold.

5. “Do Revenge? Is that even, like, correct grammar?

Possibly the cherry on top of this trailer’s comedic moments was when the characters actively decide to get even, and Eleanor’s all “Do revenge? Is that even, like, correct grammar?” It’s a great laugh, self-referential of the movie’s title, and definitely suits the premise of two girls getting in over their heads in an attempt to get even.