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Home Economics is a television sitcom that began on April 7, 2021, with three seasons and 42 episodes so far. Based on a book series, the show was on everyone’s radar since its first announcement regarding its cast members and the book’s adaptation. To those who want to know more about the show, we have some exciting news for you. We have an exclusive interview with Jordyn Curet, who stars as Shamiah on Home Economics.

We can’t wait to talk to her as she talks about her career as a child actress, her experience on the set of Home Economics, and more, brought to you by Young Entertainment Exclusive! Because the sitcom has already been released, if you plan to read this interview and haven’t watched the series, this article will avoid any spoilers regarding the series. For those planning to watch before reading this article, we highly recommend watching it first. If you’d like to watch her interview on YouTube, scroll down the page to watch it. 

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As mentioned, this sitcom aired on April 7, 2021, as a mid-season entry during the 2020-21 television season, and was renewed for a third season that aired on September 21, 2022. Created by Michael Colton and John Aboud, this sitcom aired on ABC and was produced by Colton & Aboud, The Tannenbaum Company, ABC Signature, and Lionsgate Television. This sitcom’s cast members include actors and actresses, such as Topher Grace, Caitlin McGee, Jimmy Tatro, Karla Souza, Sasheer Zamata, Shiloh Bearman, JeCobi Swain, Chloe Jo Rountree, Lidia Porto, and our interviewee, Jordyn Curet. While the novel’s story is different, the general direction of the story remains the same.

This sitcom follows three siblings — Tom, Sarah, and Connor — with different socioeconomic statuses. This sitcom also follows the three siblings’ struggles.
Home Economics holds an 82% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 11 critics’ reviews. Its average rating is seven out of ten. And, on Metacritic, its weighted average score was 64% based on six critics’ reviews. It’s safe to say it’s a fairly favorable sitcom with casual energy and touchy subjects. 

Here’s some information about Jordyn Curet. Born on December 6, 2008, Jordyn’s an up-and-coming actress who was best known for her guest role as Savannah in Bizaardvark in 2017. She made her acting debut in The Wishing Zone in 2016. She also appeared in Child Support, Star Energy Fitness, and 8 1/2. 

We first asked Jordyn about her experience playing Shamiah in Home Economics. Jordyn said that she grew up with Shamiah, who grew up across the seasons, and was happy to play a character who was her age. Jordyn mentioned that they were both dealing with the same things, such as emotions, right now. She described that Shamiah is “very relatable” at times, like when she lied about where she lived because she was embarrassed about her family home, like some, if not most, teenagers would feel about their personal lives. Jordyn went on to say that you shouldn’t be ashamed of where you live, where you go to work, etc., and reminded you to keep your passion for your talent(s). If you want to know more about Jordyn’s experiences with this sitcom, please watch the full video for her interview.

Thank you, Jordyn, for spending some time with us. You can follow her on Instagram at @jordyncuret_ (https://www.instagram.com/jordyncuret_/). Please also watch the interview below. We ask her more questions about her character, her experience acting as Shamiah’s character, and more. While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for all of the latest news in young entertainment!

Consider This:

– spend time alone, whether through meditation or music, to help prepare for your character and storyline.

– Consider while playing as a character involved in teenage and questionable issues, and separate them from real life. As an actor, the feelings you feel are real, but remember it’s just a job at the end of the day.