YEM Exclusive: Who is Anthony Turpel from Love, Victor? | Rapid Fire Q&A (Video Interview)

Who is Felix from Love, Victor? Well, lucky for you, you are about to find out. You loved our interview with Anthony Turpel who plays Felix Weston in the popular tv show, “Love, Victor”, so we wanted to bring you another exclusive piece of content. There’s no doubt that Felix from Love, Victor is an important character but we wanted to get to know the actor, Anthony Turpel just a little better. Lucky for you, Anthony Turpel agreed to engage in a session of rapid fire questions with us. Dive in and get to know the real Felix from Love, Victor.

We dive into so many great topics with Anthony Turpel. By the end of this video, you’ll no longer be wondering “who is Felix from Love, Victor?” or “who is Anthony Turpel?”. Out of the 20+ questions, we find out if Anthony prefers cities or suburbs, hot or cold coffee, shaving or waxing, and so much more. We get real personal so you can really get to know the real Anthony Turpel. Watch the full video and you’ll know all there is to know about Mr. Felix Weston from Love, Victor.

So…who is Anthony Turpel from Love, Victor? Watch the full video and find out. For more exclusive video content on Love, Victor we invite you to watch our other exclusive interviews with actors and actresses from the show, check out our Love, Victor playlist, and drop a comment on any of the content you enjoy.

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