Why The O.C.’s New Year’s Eve kiss is Still the Best Ever Created

There’s been some iconic Near Year’s Eve kisses on TV over the years. From Charlie Brown to Dan and Serena’s kiss in Gossip Girl, fans are always seeing couples kiss as the clock strikes midnight. 

One that particularly stands out is the kiss between Ashlyn and Big Red in the “New Year’s Eve” episode in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The angst between the two had been brewing and neither are sure where they stand after the kiss they had in “Act Two.” Ashlyn’s New Year’s resolution even includes that she would like “absolute clarity about my love life.” Big Red hypes himself up to kiss her at the NYE party, but is then self-conscious after E.J.’s comment that he had too much cologne on. The suspense then grows even more when Big Red runs away from Ashlyn when she tries to talk to him. However, when she starts singing her part in the High School Musical 2 Medley, he starts looking at her and smiling. The group begins to countdown to midnight and the two lock eyes and make their way to each other in a slow-motion manner for the perfect New Year’s kiss. Pretty sure that solidified Ashlyn’s New year’s resolution.

However, The O.C.’s New Year’s scene still takes the cake with the epic kiss between Ryan and Marissa in the episode “The Countdown!” 

It’s still the first season and only a few months since Ryan and Marissa have been dating. The whole thing starts with Marissa saying she loves Ryan the night before and he doesn’t say it back. Instead, he says, “thank you.” So, Marissa decides to go to a party at Oliver’s without Ryan which causes Ryan to get upset and not want to go after her… until Seth changes his mind and Ryan decides to go to the party just minutes before midnight to find her! 

So, here’s a play-by-play of what happens next to show why this scene is the most memorable one yet.

The music begins. “Dice” by Finley Quaye starts to play as Ryan shows up at Oliver’s building, panting and sweating. The scene begins cutting back and forth between Marissa looking annoyed and upset with Oliver, and Ryan running and panting through the building to get to her. He even stops at the staircase to look at his watch, looking like he might not make it, determined to reach her. 

This is when the unforgettable happens; he reaches the door, and everything goes into slo-mo. That alone is enough to make this the best NYE scene in TV history. But it’s far from over. Flashing back and forth between the two, the slo-mo also continues cutting in and out, sometimes in actual speed and then going back to slo-mo at various parts to make it more dramatic. 

Just as everyone starts counting down and Oliver starts moving in for the midnight kiss, Ryan bursts through the door (in slo-mo mind you). They lock eyes and it’s all slo-mo again as they meet in the middle of the floor just seconds before midnight and kiss in slow motion. Confetti drops; yes, confetti, “Dice” is playing, and they kiss for what seems like forever. Then, Ryan finally pulls away and tells Marissa he loves her to which she jokingly replies, “thank you.” They both smile and continue to kiss as the camera zooms out on them in the middle of the crowd as the lyrics “nothing can compare/ To when you roll the dice and swear your love’s for me.” 

It’s truly so brilliant not only for the characters’ dream come true moment but for anyone out there who feels the disappointment and hope and romance surrounding NYE. We’ve all been there, right? The scene is full of drama, romance, and humor. It truly is the best one out there!

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