YA Books – Dead Cat Bounce | Young Adult Mag

Published by Razorbill
ISBN 1595144692 (ISBN13: 9781595144690)

“Jonah Lightbody is twelve years old the first time he sets foot on the trading floor where his father works. He expects his day to be filled with computer games and some father-son bonding, but when a hotshot trader offers to take Jonah under his wing, Jonah is catapulted into a high-stakes, take-no-prisoners lifestyle. When Jonah’s father is accused of orchestrating a global financial meltdown, Jonah will have to choose who to believe–the father whose blood runs through his veins or the one who taught him how to be a man.”

Nic Bennett’s first job was on the trading floor of a major bank in London, starting one week before Black Monday 1987. He currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Dead Cat Bounce is his first novel. 


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