YA Books – The Goblin’s Curse: The Scions of Shadow Trilogy, Book (The Faire Folk Saga) | Young Adult Mag


About the Book:

By Flux

ISBN 0738715727 (ISBN13: 9780738715728)

Returning to the High Mountain Renaissance Faire in Colorado, Keelie Heartwood is looking forward to spending the summer with her two favorite elves: her dad and her boyfriend Sean. But nobody is crazy about her new, harmless (so far) pet goblin; and when word surfaces of a nearby goblin army, the elven high counsel unfairly points the finger at Keelie. Not even Sean believes she’s innocent. Someone is using dark magic, it seems, to weave false rumors and set dangerous fires. Could there be an old enemy in their midst?

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About the Author:

A forest dweller, Gillian was raised by gypsies at a Renaissance Faire. She likes knitting, hot soup, costumes and adores oatmeal, especially in the form of cookies. She loathes concrete, but tolerates it if it means attending a science fiction convention. She’s an obsessive collector of beads, recipes, knitting needles and tarot cards, and admits to reading InStyle Magazine. You can find her in her north Georgia cabin, where she lives with her large, friendly dogs, obnoxious cats, and an occasional fairy.

(Gillian Summers (Georgia) is the pseudonym for co-authors Berta Platas and Michelle Roper. Both are ardent renaissance faire groupies.)