Ya Interview Roundup

This week we got some stellar interviews that are worth checking out! 


The Fosters imageThe Fosters

We got an exclusive with the cast of The Fosters and got a chance to talk about all things season 2 including the lives, loves, trials and tribulations. They talked what’s in store for this season, thoughts on Callie / Brandon and much more!


Sachin Sahel imageSachin Sahel

We also got a chance to catch up with Sachin Sahel of The 100 who set us straight on all things Jackson, what it’s like to be on a CW show and more!


Margaret Stohl and Kami GarciaKami Garcia & Magaret Stophl

This amazing writing duo got dangerous with us and discussed all things Dangerous Creatures, writing, and raising kids. 


Starling GlowStarling Glow

Starling Glow chatted about music, love, and breaking out of the shadows and stepping into the light. It was inspiring to say the least.


Margaret MitchellMargaret Mitchell

We took a walk down memory lane with Margaret Mitchell and talked about all things writing and about arguably one of the greatest films of all time, Gone With The Wind. Clearly, things were not easy for Mitchell but easy doesn’t always beget great art.