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Hayden ByerlyHayden Byerly has been at the center of some of the most compelling storylines on this season of The Fosters. The actor has had to work with a lot of exciting challenges, and ever the professional, he more than rises to the occasion. A standout experience for him was when “Jude when he became mute. It was such a fun experience to have!” he remembers. “But it’s kind of hard! You still have to be ‘in’ the scene and know what’s going on, but you’re not actually talking. It was a very challenging moment, but it was fun to play – very cool!”

But not all of it was fun and games. A heartfelt moment in the series comes when Hayden’s character is met with homophobia from his friend Connor’s (Gavin MacIntosh) dad. “That was very heartbreaking for Jude,” Hayden confirms. “I definitely hope that as we continue, Jude & Connor can stay friends.”

As for his favorite thing from this whole season, “the whole ‘Blue for Jude’ storyline was by far my favorite to shoot because it was such a powerful and meaningful storyline and it meant so much to everyone.” We as fans couldn’t agree more! It gives us even more of a window into who Jude is as a character and how others on the show feel about him.

Off camera, Hayden has of course forged incredible friendships with other members of the cast, notably David Lambert, who plays his brother Brandon. “He’s helped me a lot in my personal acting – giving me tips and tricks and helping me grow as a person,” Hayden shares. As for David’s character Brandon on the show, Hayden had this to say: “He’s got so much going on in his life, and it’s not all about a teen love story – it’s about him being an adult and figuring it out what he wants to do in the long run.”

True to the spirit of The Fosters as an inventive and warm family show, Hayden loves most when everyone is together on set. “I like it when all the (Fosters) kids hang out – that is something that I would like to see more of. Not only the kids, but the whole family!”

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