Singing With Rebecca Juliet

Rebecca Juliet is a New York-based singer who donates the proceeds she makes from her music to charity. In our exclusive interview with Rebecca, she talks about her song “Damsel in Distress” and what she wants her fans to know. Enjoy!

I wrote “Damsel in Distress” to create an empowering and fun anthem centered around the idea that women deserve the same treatment as men. My first single, “Angel on Our Shoulder,” was similarly written with an inspiring message and to benefit charity, but it was a more serious song musically. In writing “Damsel,” I was hoping to create an equally uplifting and meaningful song, but one that was more upbeat.

The music video for “Damsel in Distress” was an absolute dream to shoot! First of all, we had a spectacular team. It was very humbling to work with such imaginative and talented individuals. The video itself became the exact balance that I envisioned: it’s both lighthearted and strong. It’s absolutely hilarious (trust me, there were moments on set where we all couldn’t stop laughing), but it still shows a protagonist who knows that she deserves the best and knows that she can make that happen for herself.

My music is unique mostly because it’s made to convey constructive messages. Its philanthropic component changes not only how it’s marketed and presented, but also the way in which it’s written. I believe that there’s a real passion and strength in my music, and that comes from the subject matter.

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Currently, I’m working on getting into college! Second semester junior year is exactly as chaotic as it’s cracked up to be. Once I get through the college process madness, I’ll hopefully be able to get more intensively involved with my music again.

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