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About the Album:
Coming off a killer performance at the Olympics (Spice Girls 4eva) Melanie C, fka Sporty Spice, comes to us with an album of, wait for it, Broadway covers. Not one to shy away from a Broadway covers album, this one is particularly sentimental as these were songs that influenced and shaped Melanie’s growth as an artist throughout her career. While most of the Spice Girls have gone on to record individual solo albums, with consistently strong record sales and a dedicated fan base Melanie has proven to be a more classic type of artist.  In fact, she has had arguably the most successful solo career of all the former Spice Girls, musically speaking. Her tone is almost reminiscent of Barbara Streisand, if Streisand was from Lancashire with a charming accent. Stages is ballad-heavy and anthemic, a joyful listen.

Track Spotlight: “I Know Him So Well” from the musical Chess was the frontrunner here, due to the featured talents of Emma Bunton. Emma beautifully supports Melanie’s voice, and while it’s not the most sweeping song on the album, their reunion is spotlight worthy.

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