Ya Review 10 Best Feels Or Shockers From The Fosters Season 2 Episode 12 Young Adult Mag

This was a very difficult recap to write, because The Fosters is just that good. It’s hard to know where to begin.The plotline keeps you wanting more and more, and doesn’t fall anywhere short of where it started or how far the series has come as a whole. Many shows start off amazing and go on a downward spiral or don’t know where to go, but The Fosters manages to take all of its successes up to this point and improve upon them.



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Midway through its second season, The Fosters picks up exactly where it left off and right back on the edge of your seat, shocking us once again with the various storylines and giving feels beyond words. Here is a recap – ## SPOILERS GALORE ## —



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These are only 10 of the most amazing things to happen. Make sure to watch next week to see more of this incredible story unfold, and see where The Fosters take us next…