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New life, day 1

Wow, that was like so hard. I can’t even begin to describe how bad it was as the potens sanguine virus rid me of the cancer with the added side effect of turning me into a sexy vampire…Scratch that, I think vampiress sounds much better. So now I’m Jessica the vampiress.

At least it made me beautiful while giving fun new skills. I’m exhausted from the process so I’m going to bed early, but I promise another entry when I feel up to it.

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New life, day 2

Okay I feel better now, thank God. Actually, I feel better than I ever have. The last few months have been hell but now I’m cancer free. I think many would agree that being a vampiress is much better than a one-way trip six feet under.

Tomorrow I go back to school. I can’t wait to see the reactions as they see that pitiful girl who nobody knew existed walk in the doors looking drop dead gorgeous with silky brown hair, a beautiful acne free face, and of course no more dorky glasses.

This will be so much fun and maybe I can finally get Zack’s attention. I will surely have exciting things to say next time I write. I’m so excited!

New life, day 3

OMG, WOW, and BOOYAH-that was like an awesome day! All eyes were on me so I felt like such a superstar. When I walked through the halls they thought I was new, but eventually had to spill that I’m “that” girl who, just earlier, was close to death.

So many boys called me hot and just about everyone asked how I did it. I just told them that’s my little secret.

Luckily, all that surprise, excitement, and jealousy, sent pulses of hot energy into my body, which kept me fed pretty well. I’m just glad that the whole ‘vampires need blood’ thing isn’t entirely true, for not only is blood a good meal but emotional energy feeds nicely too. So, now that I’m the cool girl, who knows what will come up.

New life, Day 4

Yeah, so today I found out that being a vampiress is not all candy and sunshine. It was a HORRIBLE day. I arrived at school and felt like chopped liver. The excitement about ME died down.

Anthony Johnston somehow managed to switch all the trophies with stacks of soda cans, and then he hung the awards up on the teachers’ lounge ceiling with bras.

And nobody knows how he managed to do that. I feel exhausted because I hardly gleaned any energy from that. So I think now I’m getting the desire to drink blood.

New life Day 5

Today was much better. I managed to get some focus back on me when I tore Mr. Sander’s classroom door off its hinges (oops!). They chalked it up the usual wear and tear, but now I really need to be careful with my new strength.

Some more good news today. In History class, I kept catching Zack sneaking peeks at me! I just might finally have his attention. It only took him 9 years!

New Life Day 6

I finally got a date with Zack, YAY! I’m like so excited I’ve waited long enough! Saturday can’t come soon enough.

I remember the first time I ever saw him back in Kindergarten with his blond hair and blue eyes. Now he has muscles and plays football. He is so hot. Anyway, time for bed.

New Life Day 7

I had lunch with Zack today and he flirted with me constantly! I felt like so alive and did not want to go back to class. But I had to. Stupid school.

Although, I felt kinda bad seeing Jessica and Kim sitting at our table without me, I now get why we were treated so badly. The two of them look so weird. Now I feel terrible for abandoning them.

Maybe I should talk to them some-time soon because I’m missing being part of the trio.

At least I have my date with Zach tomorrow and I’m like so excited! We are going to hang out at the café and drink hot cocoa. Hopefully I will give you a good entry tomorrow!

Crappy life, day 1

Today was the worst day of my life. The date with Zack was going well until we started really hitting it off, then all I could think about was feeding off him.

I couldn’t even focus on what he was saying; All I could do was stare at his neck, wanting to take a bite.

The problem came when some part of me pushed me to do exactly that. I didn’t succeed, but needless to say, it freaked him out, and he ran.

I’m not looking forward to Monday. I’m going back to bed because spending all day crying has drained me.

Crappy life, Day 2

I officially hate my parents. They are the ones who decided to have me injected with potens sanguine in order to save my life and now I’m miserable.

Since Dad is a nurse, he had no problem getting me a few pints of blood. I never thought I would actually crave blood, but just seeing it made my mouth water. After a few glasses of O positive, I’ve decided it’s taste ranks up there with strawberry milk shakes and white chocolate truffles. And no, I never thought I would say that, ever.

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Crappy Life Day 3

Didn’t I say today would be bad? Well it was. They like all looked at me like I’m some sort of freak, but I guess I kinda am.

The story of my stupid attempt to bite Zack had spread like wildfire and now I’m the big freak of the school. Back to a crappy life.

Good life, Day 1

I’m so sorry about being such a Debbie Downer the last few entries, but now I like totally feel like things are looking up.

The moment I arrived at school Jessica and Kim greeted me with smiles and hugs. We are now friends again, YAY! I was like so scared to tell them I’m really a vampiress. But they believe me and think it’s like totally cool, which is even better.

I think I’m finally use to being a vampiress. At least now, I won’t have to wonder how the world will be like in 100 years, I just have to wait. So diary, be prepared for a lot of entries…This is going to be one long word document!