YA Story – No Problems Just Bliss | Young Adult Mag

Do you ever wonder why life just seems to be so difficult?

While really truly just bliss should be the result

You are a master at creating problems out of thin air

Because for some reason being problemless you cannot bare

Your ego needs mountains not tiny little hills

Because the ego thinks it’s the problem that fulfills

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By creating problems you can feel life is a great work and you think from it you grow

Ego only exists when it struggles but it does not leave room for you to flow

Your problems grow bigger and bigger and spin faster and faster

Not leaving any room for you to realize you in truth are a master

Without problems you feel meaningless, there is nothing to do

Because without problems there is no distraction from feeling an emptiness inside of you

It’s this emptiness inside of us we really fear and try to fight

It is almost as if we are afraid of our own inner light

There are no real problems only the points of view and ideas you create in your mind

You forget it is the problems that keep you from the stillness and peace you are trying to find

This very moment you can choose to drop all your problems because they are your creation

Choosing to let go of your problems this very moment can be your biggest realization

Let go of your problems by observing them and not reacting to your fear

Then by and by even your biggest problems will start to disappear

With no problem to solve you will find you suddenly fully start living

You will do things as totally as possible even eating, sleeping, loving and giving

Doing things as totally as possible turns life into a dance

And it allows you to give yourself the ultimate chance

A chance to be happy, peaceful and joyous every day

So when you catch yourself creating a problem slip out of it and allow yourself to play