YE Gets Awkward with MTV Star Monty Geer

YE got to have an exclusive chat with Awkward. star Monty Geer, and let me tell you, the actor behind Cole is anything but awkward. He was funny and affable in our talk, and he gave us the scoop on playing Cole and also about wanting to be a dinosaur. Wait…what??? Read on to find out!

YE: Tell us about your role on Awkward. What do you want people to take away from you as an actor?

Monty: I play Cole on Awkward. He’s like some mischievous wolverine that has been swimming in Red Bull. He’s crazy, angry, and up to no good. If anything, I’d want people to see how creative and free my ideas are. On Awkward. I’m allowed almost complete freedom to do what I want. There’s lots of screaming from trees and climbing over background actors on buses. I try to do the most insane things I can think of.


YE: If you were to be in any film or TV show throughout time (past, present, future), who would you play in it, and why?

Monty: I’d love to be in the original Jurassic Park film. But not as any of the main cast. I’d want to play a dinosaur… I think mainly I just want to be an actual dinosaur. Man, dinosaurs had it made, minus the whole being extinct thing.

Lol, Monty. Well, Awkward. and Monty as Cole are both definitely not extinct and they return to MTV (and our hearts) Mondays this fall beginning August 31st.