YEM 2020 Top 5 List: Top 5 Films

2020 is finally nearing its end, and we’re all heaving a collective sigh of relief! But just because the year didn’t exactly go to plan doesn’t mean there weren’t a few good things to come out of it. And on the other hand, quarantine definitely made us appreciate the songs, movies, TV shows, and books that saved us from mind-numbing boredom all that much more. Here’s YEM’s 2020 Top 5 List to look back on the best YA content this year had to offer.

Top 5 Movies


This heartwarming Disney flick cannot be ignored, whether for the genuinely touching story or the catchy and inspiring soundtrack. Check out YEM’s review of Clouds here!

2.Work It

Pairing Liza Koshy and Sabrina Carpenter together in a teen dance movie was an inspired choice. It’s YouTube, and Disney Channel had a baby, and it has some sick dance moves. Check out our review of all things Sabrina Carpenter here!

3.Magic Camp

Magic Camp came out of nowhere to save us from our end of the summer blues. The funny, feel-good movie is great for the whole family to watch together and shows off some awesome magic tricks that make us want to study the arts of misdirection. 

4.Kissing Booth 2

Kissing Booth 2 was a summer treat. Let’s hope number three is hot on its heels!


We were waiting for Mulan to hit all year. It took a while, but it was worth it. We got to see a new take on an old story that featured one of the best-loved Disney princesses. Learn about the history of Mulan here!

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