YEM Exclusive interview: A chat with the cast of Mixtape

Mixtape is a film about a young girl who accidentally destroys the mixtape that belonged to her mother, and she sets out to track down each of the obscure songs on the cassette. Netflix released the movie on December 3rd. YEM was able to speak with some of the cast of the film. Gemma Brooke Allen , Audrey Hsieh, and Olga Petsa sat down to speak about the film and much more. Gemma portrays Beverly, Audrey portrays Ellen, and Olga Portrays Nicky.

When asked “ if you could make your own mixtape what is one song that would be on it or that you think would really help people understand who you are at your core” all three of them had great answers. Gemma said “I personally love my Mariah Carey, I love my R&B. I really was not listening to todays music alot but I love Heat Waves by Glass Animals, some Doja Cat, and Mariah Carey of course, Celine Dion, my 90’s queens.”. Audrey responded with “I do listen to some music today like Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, some K-pop. According to my Spotify, I listen to a lot of J-pop. So I would have a lot of those kinds of songs on my list. I just like really fast paced songs”, and Olga said “Two songs that I always like to go back to is called September by Earth, Wind & Fire, it gets me to jam and it’s a very great song, and also this more recent song called Time of Our Lives. I always listen to it with my brother so it brings back those lovely memories. Honestly, I know it’s very boring but I listen to all sorts of music.”

Make sure to watch the full interview below to see all that Gemma, Audrey, and Olga had to say. The interview is so fun to watch. The girls have great chemistry and make it such a great interview. They even speak about what it was like to work with Julie Bowen during the interview. Dont forget to watch Gemma Audrey and Olga in Mixtape on Netflix!