YEM Exclusive Interview: Adrian Lyles HSMTMTS | EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ Jet from HSMTMTS

If you’re a fan of High School Musical The Musical The Series then we have wonderful news for you. YEM got to chat with Adrian Lyles, who starred as Jet in season 3 of the series. Adrian spoke about his role, the different reactions that he got from fans, the music revolved around Jet’s character, and his interactions with fellow co-stars.

Adrian spoke about what it was like to play Jet and how that’s affected his career. When prompted about his character, he comments that it was fun to play someone who is the exact opposite.

adrian lyles yem interview

He loves how fans make up their own theories about Jetwen, Jetney and even fan-favorite, Rina. He has a blast reading the theories after each episode.

Adrian enjoys spending time with his co-stars and even the director of the series, Tim Federle. They all seem to share closeness with each other. He has become close with Dara Reneé in particular, who stars as Kourtney in the show because of how Jetney progressed throughout the season.

adrian lyles yem interview

He felt honored working with OG High School Musical star, Corbin Bleu during season 3. Adrian commented that it still it all felt very surreal, and hopes that Season 4 will be just as incredible.

When Adrian talked about his love for music, and the details of his audition he stated that he was extremely happy that a song, created by his favorite artist, served as the gateway for his role and loved the experience behind it.

“Right Place” was a beautifully written song that fits Jet’s character about being “beautifully honest”, and about his recording session with the one who wrote the song, Jason Mater. He felt extremely honored that Tim trusted him enough to bring this song to life.

Speaking with Adrian was a blast, and we are so blessed to be given the opportunity. View the full interview here:

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