YEM Exclusive Interview: André Lamoglia explains what it was like creating those intimate scenes with Manu Ríos on Elite in celebration of pride month

André Lamoglia is an actor that can be seen in the television show Elite. Elite is a show about When three working-class teenagers begin attending an exclusive private school in Spain, and the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder. André portrayed the character of Iván Carvalho in the show. YEM was able to speak with André about what his audition process was like, his character Iván, and acting in general.

Young Entertainment Mag: Hi André. Thank you for taking the time to chat with YEM.

I got to see the first 3 episodes and they’re just brilliant.

André Lamoglia: Thank you very much! Glad you liked it! 🙂

YEM: Did you audition for Iván or did you audition for another role and they liked you so much they found a place for you? What was the audition process like?

André: From the beginning, the test was for Iván. My material (reels, photos, etc.) was sent by my manager to the casting producers, and then I participated in some virtual auditions. A little while later, I got the good news!

YEM: What was it like coming into an already established cast?

André: From the first moment, I was so welcomed by everyone that it was easy. In addition, the cast was used to adding new members every season. Last season, Manu, Carla and Martina joined, and this season, not only did I join, but so did Valentina Zenere and Adam Nourou!

YEM: You worked alongside Manu Ríos (as Patrick) with some pretty intense scenes. What’s it like to film those? Does it ever get awkward, are there people around making sure everyone is comfortable?

André: It’s great to work with Manu, a super professional actor, as well as a kind and generous person. On top of that, he’s now a friend!

About the intense scenes, I feel protected by the character. It’s Iván on the scene, not André, and the team around us only helps. They’re always making sure we are well supported, not just in these scenes but in all of them. 

YEM: In fact, you kiss a lot of people in just the first 3 episodes. Did you know that going into playing the part? Did you have any doubts about playing Iván?

André: I had already known since I had watched “Élite.” I also had information about the character, and I had no doubts about playing Iván!

YEM: Are there any characters you base Iván off of from other TV shows or films?

André: I always look for references in actors or movies that I like, but there is no one in particular.

YEM: What’s your favorite part about playing Iván?

André: The complexity of his personality speaks to me, for sure. He’s a character with many layers, and that’s amazing for any actor. 

YEM: There are so many dance scenes or scenes with music. Is it weird or hard doing scenes where music is playing and you can’t hear the music? How do you manage to do the scene?

André: It would really be better if the music could be played during the scene, but as it is not possible most of the time, we have to pretend that we are listening to the music. If we have to dance without music, we dance. Many times, we have to project our voices more as if we are talking in a noisy place, such as in scenes that take place in a nightclub.

YEM: Iván’s home life is very interesting, it’s like you’re the adult and your father is the kid in the relationship. What was it like playing the adult in the family dynamic?

André: It’s a good definition of his relationship with his father. I always define the two of them that way! It’s very interesting to play the adult in this family dynamic, mainly because it’s something new in my career. Until this role, I acted as children who behaved like children. But, Iván feels the need to take this position because Cruz is not exactly an example when it comes to responsibility. LOL

YEM: What does Iván want out of life? He teases Patrick and then goes behind his back and kisses his sister? Why do you think he does that?

André: I can’t give any spoilers, unfortunately! 🙁

YEM: What was the most challenging for you as an actor and how did you overcome it?

André: Maintaining a good performance during a project that requires many versions of myself has always been challenging, but the best way to acquire this is to study to feel more prepared.

YEM: What’s costume like? I feel like you’re either in a school uniform or not dressed at all, haha.

André: I have no idea how to answer this question! hahah

YEM: What would you like the audience to see from your acting?

André: I’d love them to see depth and versatility, for sure.

YEM: What are some other projects you’re working on?

André: For now I’m 100% focused on Elite, and I’m still working on this production.

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