YEM Exclusive Interview: Brenna D’Amico shares her favorite memories from being on the set of Night Night

Brenna D’Amico is an actress who is in the upcoming film Night Night. Night Night is set for a theatrical in addition to VOD release this November. The film is a highly anticipated female driven psychological thriller and Brenna portrays the character of April Davis. YEM was about to speak with Brenna about her first day on set of Night Night, acting advice she has for others, as well as any upcoming projects that she has.

Young Entertainment Mag: How do you feel about Night Night being your debut serious film? What was the most exciting part about starring in Night Night?

Brenna D’Amico: Leading up to Night Night I had only acted in teen roles, most of them being lighthearted characters, so I was really excited to take on the role of April; it was a big deal for me!

YEM: Did your role in Descendants help prepare you for Night Night?

Brenna: No, the roles are very different, but I have a process I go through to connect with the different characters I play.

YEM: What was the best thing about being a part of Descendants?

Brenna: Being a part of the Descendants franchise was a dream come true! I loved High School Musical when I was younger so getting the chance to work with Kenny Ortega was amazing!

YEM: What was your first day on the set of Night Night like? 

Brenna: I was a little nervous, but once we started filming everything fell into place, and it was great!

YEM: What was it like working with Niki Koss?

Brenna: I really enjoyed working with Niki! She has terrific vision and knows what she wants, but she’s, also, open to new ideas. She’s a great director, and I hope to work with her again!

YEM: What is your favorite memory from being on set?

Brenna: Truly, I loved every moment on set. The whole cast and crew were amazing and I looked forward to being there every single day.

YEM: What are some qualities about your character April from Night Night that you admire?  

Brenna: I admire April’s independence and strength.

YEM: What makes Night Night different from other psychological thrillers?

Brenna: It’s a psychological thriller with a strong female lead who only has herself to rely on to survive.

YEM: Was there a time when you faced an obstacle during Night Night? How did you overcome it?

Brenna: I did a few small stunts for the first time, and learning the choreography for some of them was challenging, but it was really fun, too!

YEM: What’s the best piece of acting advice that you’ve received and want to pass on to others?

Brenna: Think your character’s thoughts!

YEM: What should the audiences’ main takeaway be from watching Night Night?

Brenna: April is driven and self-reliant, and she has an incredible will to live, and I hope the audience sees and appreciates her strength.

YEM: Without giving too much away, do you have any upcoming projects that you want fans to be aware of?

Brenna: I booked a movie that I’ll be filming next year, and I’m waiting to hear about another one right now – fingers crossed! I’ll also, being releasing a song soon!

Watch Brenna D’Amico in the upcoming film Night Night!