YEM Exclusive Interview: Scarlett Estevez talks about the importance of bonding with your cast mates and what the bonding was like on the set of Christmas Again

Scarlett Estevez is an actress that can be seen in the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie Christmas Again. Christmas Again is a holiday movie centered around high-spirited 11-year-old Rowena, hoping to add more spunk to her Christmas celebrations when her parent’s divorce is going anything but smoothly. Scarlett portrays the character of Rowena Clybourne. Christmas Again premieres on Disney+ and the Disney Channel on December 3rd. The film will be the First Christmas related Disney Channel Original Movie since Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas! which came out 10 years ago.

In the interview after being asked what something special about her cast members was, Scarlett states  “I think that they all really truly did feel like family. I think our chemistry is all there. Even in the beginning just meeting over Zoom, I think you could really feel that. They really did feel like family. That was something that was really special about the cast members”. She was also asked what were some challenges during filming, and she said “I think a challenge for me was getting used to doing emotional scenes during this. Emotional scenes were something that I have always found scary and overwhelming. I think that during this movie I learned to use that and use the stress and the buildup from that to help me get the emotion out on camera. I think that was something I definitely overcame over this movie”.

Make sure to watch the whole interview YEM did with Scarlett down below for much more information on her. There is alot of information on her character along with information on filming the movie. She spoke about her favorite scenes to shoot and what she learned. Scarlett even spoke about meeting the penguins and being able to walk and touch the penguins on the set. 

Watch Scarlett in Christmas Again on Disney+ and when it airs on the Disney Channel on December 3rd.