YEM Exclusive Interview | with Alex Anderson from Brooklane

For those who enjoyed the interviews that YEM had done, here’s something that might refresh your palette a bit. We have an exclusive interview with Alex Anderson, a member of the band Brooklane! We are ecstatic to talk to Alex about Stay Toxic, what will be in the new album, his thoughts about Brooklane, and more. And now, onto the interview and its refresher!

Now, you might be wondering: Who and what is Brooklane? Brooklane is a band that formed in Fargo, North Dakota, and was established in early-2020 as a pop-punk band. The band released their first EP, Roll With the Punches in 2021 and has been making music ever since! Inspired by huge influences such as Neck Deep and State Champs, this band does well to keep their listeners hooked on their catchy melodies and upbeat music.

The origin story is as follows: Alex Anderson and Damon Gullicks were on the search for more members for Brooklane and managed to find the two members that would make Brooklane soar. They found guitarist Chance Stearns and former Drummer of These Hearts from Victory Records, Isaiah Folk. A few weeks after their EP release, they initially signed up with We Are Triumphant Records and eventually signed up with Adventure Cat Records. You might recognize the label for its other artists, such as High Wire, Census, First Love, happy place, and Capstan.

The band Brooklane would eventually release singles such as Bite The Bullet and Crazy, and they’re building up quite the audience. Spotify boasts that their listeners amount to 28,000+, with Anxiety being their more popular song. According to Alternative Press, they were considered to be the “kind of band you’ll hear for the first time and immediately recommend to a friend,” and describes them as “a gem” and to “nurture them. Treasure them. Make them huge”.

If you’re a fan of pop-punk music or curious about their music, listen to it on Spotify here:

For those who want to see their live shows, the band will be in an upcoming show at the SXSW: The Smartpunk House Festival in Austin, TX, and will be available on March 18th. There will be participating in another show in Pontiac, MI, called the Blossom Tour, and that will be on April 27th! They will also be playing with the bands Telltale and Sundressed from May 1st through May 6th. If you’re a longtime fan of theirs and haven’t yet, or if you want to check them out after listening to their music, be sure to book your tickets now before they’re all sold out!

We start the interview by asking Alex about his newest album, Stay Toxic that’s set for release soon. Alex mentions that the album isn’t about going against love, and more about the struggle to find it and being in love with the wrong person. He said he wanted to release it before Valentine’s Day because it’s the holiday of love, and the band wanted to give something to the people for those who haven’t found love yet and to let them know that they’re not alone. When asked about the contents of Stay Toxic, Alex informs us that there are some awesome bands that Brooklane has collaborated with (such as Love is Bullshit featuring Jessie Paege) and that it’ll be dope. When asked about his band, Alex does mention that the band is evolving. According to him, the newest album will be a lot different than the first one, and it has matured a lot in terms of sound. He comments that there’s a new style twist in there as well, so keep a lookout if you’re looking to hear Stay Toxic.

Thank you, Alex, for spending some time with us! You can follow his band on Instagram @brooklanemidwest and their record label @adventurecatrecs. Please also watch the interview below where we ask Alex even more questions about Brooklane and his latest album, Stay Toxic. While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!

Here are a few more links regarding his fellow band members, as well as the links to Brooklane’s social media accounts!

Damon Gullicks can be found on TikTok as @damongullicks.

Chance Stearns can be found on TikTok as @chance_brooklane.

Former Drummer of These Hearts from Victory Records, Isaiah Folk can be found on TikTok @isaiahfolkdrums.

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