YEM Exclusive Interview | With Amy Workman from Teen Wolf: The Movie

If you are already excited about the monstrous release of the new Teen Wolf movie on January 26th, then this interview will be sure to knock you out of your socks with anticipation. If the original cast member, Dylan Sprayberry, coming back to reprise his role as Liam Dunbar gets you excited, this week, Young Entertainment Mag presents to you an exclusive interview With Amy Workman. While Amy was not in the original Teen Wolf series, we talk with Amy about how she built her role from the ground up. Other details of the interview include Amy’s in-depth description of how exactly she got the role and her situation before casting, what her role entails, and just her new life living in the mysterious town of Beacon Hills.

Before we get into the details of Amy and her role in the new Teen Wolf movie, how about a little more background information about the movie, and the original Teen Wolf Series? The original Teen Wolf series first aired in 2011 airing around 100 episodes. What is the show about? Well, I bet you guessed it. It’s about a teen named Scott who lives in a fictional town, as he discovers the newfound powers of a werewolf in himself. Through these newfound powers, he becomes a target of the creatures, and enemies that lurk in the shadows around him. Now I know most people might find a werewolf to be scary but, it is Scott’s job to protect his town from these evils with the help of friends, and others around him. Now, it might not be easy when his love interest in the show, Allison Argent, comes from a family of werewolf hunters. Not only this but we see Scott go through the everyday struggles of being a teen along with his supernatural powers. However, with the help of his friend, Stiles Stillinski, we see Scott have a helping hand in navigating through the danger.

The Teen Wolf Movie releasing on the 26th is a continuation of the events that occurred in the series. On the same hand, the director exclaims that the movie is like a seventh season of the show! Much like in Scott’s old times, he must use his powers to face a new evil threatening his town. With the help of some old friends and even some new faces to the franchise, this action and the suspense-filled battle are sure to be a hit. I’ll be the first to tell you that it is going to be very interesting to see some old faces in this movie and how they matured, along with how the new characters interact with them!

Now, let’s talk about Amy Workman. She will be arriving for the first time in the Teen Wolf world as the character of Hikari Zhang. In specific, she is playing the role of a Kitsune. Amy explains it as a person with a fox spirit that inhabits your body and is connected to you. In this exclusive interview, we go on to get details of how exactly Amy got the role, and what her life was like before Teen Wolf. Funny enough, she never knew too much about the series before getting the role! We go on to get insight into her life leading up to the movie, what her role entails, and overall, what it was like coming into a cast with an already-established role! As we see Amy coming into this supernatural world, her character is set to play a major role in the film as she looks to establish herself as a permanent member of the Teen Wolf family!

We would like to thank Amy for spending the time to speak with us on this interview. It was an absolute pleasure to learn more about herself, and her role as Hikari in the movie. Be sure to keep up with her and follow her on Instagram @itsamyworkman. Also, please do not forget to go and check out the official Teen Wolf movie as it comes out on January 26th of this year on Paramount+. Below is the video interview with Amy Workman as we go into more vivid detail about her life, and role in the film with some laughs in between. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!