YEM Exclusive Interview | with Broadway star Milanis Clark

If you love Broadway musicals, you will want to read ahead! YEM recently got the chance to sit down with actress Milanis Clark. Milanis is performing in several Broadway musicals and films. Just recently, Milanis was cast as Teddy in Ella! The American Miracle. The starlet also plays the young Alline Lunt-Fontanne in TINA – The Tina Turner Musical. Finally, Milanis plays a small part in the Disney+ show Better Nate Than Ever.

Be sure to check out everything Milanis had to say about her experience on set for the various film and stage productions she’s in in the full interview! But first, let’s find out a bit about Milanis Clark, her career, and the musicals and shows she stars in!        

Milanis Clark, age eleven, started entertaining crowds at three and has risen dramatically in popularity over the past six years since her acting debut.

Milanis Clark

Her first acting experience occurred at age five when she made cameos in school plays of School House Rock and the Michael Jackson vs. Prince Collections. The New York native also started singing in school talent shows and neighborhood restaurants at age three.

One of Milani’s most significant accomplishments so far is acting as the part of young Alline in the Broadway production of Tina – The Tina Turner Musical. She also recently had a role in the Disney+ film Better Nate Than Ever. If that weren’t impressive enough, the young starlet has been cast as Teddy in the pre-production of Ella! An American Miracle.

Tina – The Tina Turner Musical is a jukebox musical that features Tina Turner’s music and tells the story of her life, from her early years in Nutbush, Tennessee, through her rise to fame as a rock and roll icon. The musical, with a book by Katori Hall, Frank Ketelaar, and Kees Prins, had its world premiere on April 17, 2018, at the Aldwych Theatre in London under the direction of Phyllida Lloyd. Milanis co-stars in the play as the younger version of Alline, the young Anna Mae’s older sister. The Broadway show debuted on November 7, 2019.

Milanis Clark

In the 2022 film Better Nate Than Ever, the protagonist Nate Foster is a thirteen-year-old who dreams of appearing on Broadway. He has trouble, though, even getting parts in his high school play. Nate and his friends resolve to make Nate a celebrity after Nate’s parents depart for the weekend. Milanis has a small yet impressive part in the film as the screaming girl. Better Late Than Ever is an original production currently streaming on Disney+.

The brand-new Broadway play called Ella! An American Miracle explores the life and career of Ella Fitzgerald, a legendary musician, and entertainer. Ella! An American Miracle is a play by Anna Deavere Smith with music from the Ella Fitzgerald songbook. It will star Tony-winner Dee-Dee Bridgewater and Charity Angél Dawson as the legendary singer at various stages of her life. Milanis will play the character of Teddy, the young Ella Fitzgerald’s best friend, in the yet to premiere Broadway production.

Milanis Clark

In our short interview, YEM discusses various topics with Milanis Clark that you won’t want to miss! The interview begins with a brief introduction by the actress detailing her impressive resume. Milanis then discusses her pre-stage jitters and how despite any mistake, the adage the show must go on rings true! She also gives viewers a bit of advice she remembers whenever she messes up. Milanis also discusses her role and experience as Alline in Tina – the Tina Turner Musical. Milanis also briefly relays her role in the highly anticipated play Ella! An American Miracle. Find out in the interview a bit about her character Teddy and what Milanis most looks forward to audiences seeing! Milanis also touches on the differences between acting on film and on stage. She also names her other favorite musicals and so much more in the video. Be sure to check it out in the link below.

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