YEM Exclusive Interview | with Devyn Nekoda from Scream VI

It’s time to scream! Well, not from being scared, but from excitement because we have an amazing interview for all the horror fans out there. That’s right! YEM welcomes Devyn Nekoda for an exclusive discussion about her role in the newest Scream. If you’re an avid fan of the Scream franchise, or if you are ready to jump head first into the world of horror films instead of dipping your toes in, I’m sure you might get along with Devyn. In this interview, we talk about some interesting things regarding the film, her process of obtaining her role, and some overall fun questions! It might not be Halloween, but Ghostface is dressed up in a costume ready to keep the fans guessing who it is. First, let’s get into some background on Scream.

Devyn Nekoda (“Anika Kayoko”) stars in Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group’s “Scream VI.”

The Scream franchise has been iconic for many years now. The movies involve a group of teenagers who are targeted by the masked killer, Ghostface. It originally began in 1996 but quickly became a worldwide iconic film with its suspense, comedy, and most importantly, edge-of-the-seat horror. Each movie includes a new set of characters who are hunted down by the killer as they quickly try to avoid death while walking through each twist and turn like a maze. With 5 installments of Scream so far, the newest one, Scream 6, is set to release on March 10th with Devyn playing the role of Anika. Strap your boots on tight and hold your popcorn, because Ghostface is on the loose again ready to sneak up behind the audience and send them screaming!

Now, let’s get into a little bit about the star of YEM today, Devyn Nekoda. Many of you might know her from her iconic roles in shows such as Degrassi or Utopia Falls. Others might know her from her other role in Ginny and Georgia. Regardless, Devyn is a fantastic star who looks to make a big impact in the newest Scream film. Not to mention, Devyn is also a superstar dancer winning titles across North America from a young age. As stated, she plays the role of Anika in the newest Scream movie. Now, let’s get into the interview!

L-r, Mason Gooding (“Chad Meeks-Martin”), Jenna Ortega (“Tara Carpenter”), Jasmin Savoy Brown (“Mindy Meeks-Martin”), Devyn Nekoda (“Anika Kayoko”) and Melissa Barrera (“Sam Carpenter”) star in Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group’s “Scream VI.”

The interview starts by diving into what it was like for Devyn to audition for Scream. You would think most actresses would know what they are auditioning for beforehand, right? Wrong! Devyn did not know she was auditioning for the scream role until she got the role! On top of that, Devyn isn’t even a horror fan! I can be the first to say, let’s all hope Devyn doesn’t come face-to-face with Ghostface, or else she might run out of her pants from being so scared! Anyways, we go on to hear a little bit about her role, and what the experience of being on the Scream team is like. She talks about the amazing actors she gets to work with, such as Jasmine who plays her girlfriend, and all of the fun that came along with it. Lots of other amazing things were talked about such as her overall experience, and how much fun the process was. Make sure to watch the full interview below to hear about more of her story, some comedic answers, and overall an awesome actress sharing her story!

We would like to thank Devyn for taking the time to meet with us! You can follow her on Instagram @devyn_Nekoda. Make sure to watch the full interview below for some even more amazing content! Also be sure to see the newest Scream, playing in theatres on March 10th! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!