YEM Exclusive Interview | with Garrett Clayton

If you’re a fan of the musical world, you’ll want to tune into this interview! YEM got to sit down with Garrett Clayton, star of musical classics, Teen Beach Movie and Hairspray Live, and talk all about his career and his experience acting. Garrett shared all about his time acting in movies, TV, and theater, as well as some of the upcoming projects he has. It was so great to talk to Garrett all about this, so you’ll definitely want to see our full conversation with him!

Garrett first told us a little bit about how he got started in the acting industry. Looking back at his time acting, we talked about how Garrett didn’t start in a major hub like NYC or LA, so it was so interesting to hear about how his career has progressed. One of his most recent career developments has been his role as Pennywise in IT: A Musical Parody. Garrett talked all about the show and what it was like to perform onstage again after the pandemic. He also shared a little bit about his passion for theater, and how much he loves performing and watching live performances.


Garrett has also gained quite a bit of popularity on TikTok, with 4.4 million followers, so we talked a lot about what his experience has been like on the act. TikTok is such a great platform for creativity, but it’s definitely different in terms of the traditional acting industry, so we dove into what he’s experienced while on the app that was different from his prior acting experience. Garrett also talked a lot about how he manages his own creativity while dealing with some hate comments and trolling, so he shared some advice on how he deals with that. Finally, Garrett tells us all about what’s next for him!

It was so great to talk with Garrett, and we can’t thank him enough for sitting down with us! Be sure to watch the full interview below and check out all of Garrett’s work, especially in his role as Pennywise in IT: A Musical Parody. If you’d like to purchase tickets, please check out the venue, Chelsea Table and Stage. Also, don’t forget to follow him on TikTok, @garrettclayton1. To get your full pop culture fix, be sure to visit YEM’s website and YouTube channel!