YEM Exclusive Interview with Jake Getman

We were so excited when we got the chance to sit down with Jake Getman, an upcoming actor who has been in so many movies and TV shows already! You might recognize him from some of his most recent roles in the new reboot of Cheaper by the Dozen, or the Apple TV+ show, Life by Ella. It was so great to talk to Jake about some of the characters he’s played, so you’ll definitely want to stay tuned to hear all about his acting experience!

Even though he’s a younger actor, Jake already has so many roles under his belt, and he told us a little bit about how he got into acting as a career, as well as where he sees it going for him in the future. He’s gotten to work with so many prominent actors, directors, and producers, so that was great to hear about as well. Jake shared a few tips and tricks he learned from being on set and from his fellow actors, which was super interesting!

Jake also broke down some of his favorite past roles, as well as some of the difficult parts of being an actor. From small things, like weather difficulties, to industry-changing events, namely the pandemic, Jake has definitely seen quite a bit during his time as an actor. He’s also had to go through school during this time, so he shared a little bit about what his experience has been like as a student and an actor. Of course, Jake has also had some fun with pranks on set, so you’ll definitely want to hear about some of the fun he’s had while acting.

We loved getting the chance to talk with Jake and hear more about his acting experience! Be sure to follow him on Instagram @jakegetman and watch some of his work! Don’t forget to catch the full interview below and check out our website for more exclusive interviews and pop culture content!