YEM Exclusive Interview | with Katie Douglas from Ginny & Georgia

To those who still want to hear more about Ginny & George, we have an exclusive interview with Katie Douglas, the actress who portrays Abby Littman! We’re excited to talk to Katie about her character Abby, her thoughts and experience with her fellow cast members and what’s behind the scenes, and a whole lot more about the show. This article will be touching topics on Katie’s character Abby, her storyline, as well as some small hints regarding Seasons 1 and 2 with 3, so if you haven’t had the time to watch the show yet, be sure to watch it before reading this interview!

For those who have read YEM’s previous interviews with Ginny & Georgia, we have already explained in length the show’s contents. But for those who need a brief refresher on the show, here’s a brief overview: Ginny Miller (portrayed by Antonia Gentry) often feels as if she’s more mature than her mother, Georgia Miller (portrayed by Brianne Howey). When Georgia finally finds a new home in Wellsbury with Ginny and Austin (portrayed by Diesel La Torraca), she wants to settle down with her children and have a normal life. But from the relationships that Ginny shares with her love interests to Austin’s issues in school, Georgia’s past slowly comes back to threaten her, which stirs her to do whatever she can to protect her family, no matter what the cost. If you want to read more about Ginny & Georgia, be sure to read our interviews with Mason Temple and Chelsea Clark!

Speaking of interviews, here’s a little background about Katie Douglas. A Canadian-born actress, Katie is most renowned for her roles as Abby from Ginny & Georgia, but she’s also renowned for her other roles in other movies and shows. You may have recognized her in her role as Megan from Every Day, perhaps as Jackie Sullivan from Pretty Hard Cases, or perhaps you’ve seen her as Sally Wilcox from Spooksville. When Katie was in her youth, she was involved in numerous play productions in Burlington, and she eventually began her acting career in F2: Forensic Factor. Katie was nominated and won many awards later in life, such as the Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series and the ACRTA Award. She has also won some awards in a few other areas, such as the Award of Excellence Actress: Leading from the IndieFEST Film Awards for her role in The Walk, as well as Best Actress in Blood in the Snow Awards for her role in Level 16. Pretty amazing, huh?

We ask Katie a few questions about the show itself. When asked how it felt like to be in a show that impacted many people, even spanning to those across the globe, she states that it was cool. Katie does talk about how it’s a phenomenon that something can reach a very large percentage of people in one way, and she thinks that being on the receiving end of this gives her this feeling of responsibility. She mentions that it’s nice to hear from people who feel a relation to the character that she plays, and knowing that through one way or another, she’s helping them when they’re lonely, or perhaps growing up alongside her character. To her, it’s been touching. We also asked her about her audition process and how that went, and according to Katie, she was auditioning for different characters before she received her role as Abby. Upon realizing that Abby was a better fit, she had a chemistry read with her other castmates, like Chelsea.

One of the other things we’re asked about Katie was her character, Abby, and her character progression regarding her struggle with weight. We asked in Season 3 if we’ll be able to learn more about Abby’s internal struggle with that, and her journey with self-love in that way. Katie says she hopes so, as she feels that Abby is in a position where she might not even be aware of how much of a problem her eating disorder is. Katie really wants to Abby be confronted by the problem and understand that it’s a problem, and maybe have someone there to support her.

We would like to thank Katie for spending some time with us! You can follow her on her Instagram @katiedouglas98. Please also watch the interview below where we ask Katie even more questions about her time with Ginny & Georgia, her character Abby, and a few other things about the show. While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!