YEM Exclusive Interview | with Kristen Cui from Knock at the Cabin

For those who are hungry for horror, or for those who recently watched Knock at the Cabin, here’s a treat that you’ll enjoy! We have an exclusive interview with Wen, aka Kristen Cui from the film! We are excited to talk with Kristen about her role as Wen, her thoughts and feelings on the film’s release, and a whole lot more! However, before we can even start the interview, let’s first discuss what the movie is about. This article will be mentioning a few areas that will potentially spoil the film’s contents, so if you haven’t seen the film yet, we highly encourage you to watch the movie first.

You might have seen this movie everywhere on YouTube via ads, but if you haven’t and aren’t privy to the horror genre, here’s what Knock at the Cabin is all about. This psychological horror film tells the story of three, family members: Eric (portrayed by Jonathan Groff, whose known for his voice-acting as Kristoff from Frozen), Andrew (portrayed by Ben Aldridge, whose known for his role as Captain James from Our Girl), and Wen (who is portrayed by our interviewee, Kristen Cui). The family members are held hostage by four, mysterious strangers, only to be told that one of the family members must die to stop the apocalypse. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the movie was released in theatres on February 3rd, and the film received many, positive reviews after its release.

The movie was based on the novel The Cabin at the End of the World, written by Paul Tremblay back in 2018. Not only did the book receive the honor of the Horror Writers Association’s Bram Stoker Award for Novel, but the book was also highly praised by the King of Horror himself, Stephen King, the mind behind the famous It. While the book’s contents are different from the movie, the premise, and direction of where the movie ends up are still pretty interesting, huh?

Here’s a little background surrounding Kristen Cui. A child actress of Chinese descent, she is most known for her debut in the film Knock at the Cabin. She recently started being in films in 2022, but her appearance is already making waves in the film industry. For those who might have seen he before, you might recognize her from CaliStar: Don’t Give Up music video, and in IMDb on the Scene – Interview back in 2017.

We first congratulate Kristen on the movie’s release and ask how she feels about it. Kristen excitedly tells us that she’s very excited for everyone to be able to see the movie, and she mentions that she had a good time on set. When asked what her favorite memory was on set, she happily tells us about the time when they were jumping in the lake. They had to do a bunch of retakes, which lead to the cast getting re-dressed and redoing their hair. To make it fun, they decided to do a race (which was extremely fun for Kristen) as to who would get their clothes changed faster, who would get their hair done faster, or even reach the lake faster. Kristen mentions that she’ll always reach the lake last, mainly because she had to redo her hairstyle. We also asked Kristen if there was anything that scared her while they were filming, due to the film’s genre. Kristen answered by saying she wasn’t really scared, but she does mention something that did scare her. There were moments where she had to stand on a lot of boxes, just so she was able to closely match up to Dave Bautista’s height a little better, and she admits that she was scared by how tall it was, due to her fear of

We would like to thank Kristen for her time with us on this interview, and we enjoyed spending some time with her about her role as Wen, her thoughts on the show, and more. You can follow her on Instagram at @kristencui_acts. Be sure to catch the film in theatres if you haven’t had the chance to watch the film! Please watch the interview below as well where we ask Kristen even more questions about the movie. While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!