YEM Exclusive Interview | with Samantha Rose Baldwin from Gossip Girl

Xoxo, calling all gossip girl fans to the scene. We got an exclusive interview with Samantha Rose Baldwin who plays Shelby Wright on HBO’s Gossip Girl reboot in season 2. The Gossip Girl reboot, follows a group of elite students in a Manhattan private school through their always evolving drama and relationships. Unlike the original Gossip Girl series in the 2000s, the Gossip Girl reboot revealed in the early episodes of Season 1, who their gossip girl, or GG was. But this series, although set in a new generation, has the same show-stopping fashion, glamorous scandals, and intense love lives that the original series. This factor is all owed to the brilliance of the same creators of the original series who created the reboot as well. The show adapted to this new generation with a more immersive lifestyle with social media today, all the good and bad that comes with it.

Samantha’s character, Shelby Wright, enters the cast in the second season and is a part of a fantastic, dramatic, must-watch, brawl at the debutante ball. In our interview with Samantha, she dishes about the experience of filming it and reveals a dramatic part of the scene that was sadly left out of the final cut. Tune into the interview below to find out what it was.

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When asked about Samantha’s experience with the already established cast of Gossip Girl, she raved about the welcoming and fun cast which allowed her to fit right into the mix. She had nothing but heartwarming things to say about the talented cast of Gossip Girl. Samantha’s time on set, when talked about in the interview, gave her such an amazing experience. The cast was elite on and off of the screen.

*Samantha as Shelby in Gossip Girl*

Even though Gossip Girl had its second and final season (at least on HBO Max) it will forever live on in the iconic, scandalous, world of gossip girl and Shelby will forever hold a special part to Samantha. Gossip Girl, as she states, was the biggest part on Television that she has done so far, and one of the best experiences of her life.

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Here is some information on Samantha Rose Baldwin! Samantha was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York, on a farm! As she mentions in her interview, it was a very different life than her character, Shelby’s, in Gossip Girl. And even though she grew up in New York, it wasn’t until she started acting when she was older that she visited the infamous New York City, where Gossip Girl takes place.

Samantha, in preparation for her role as Shelby in Gossip Girl, decided to take the time to explore New York City and experience it through the eyes of her character, creating a thick story and background for her role that she would be shooting. She is a dedicated actress and puts her heart into each role that she has. She even binged the first season of Gossip Girl after she found out that she got the part for season 2 Gossip Girl as she tells us in our interview with her.

Before Gossip Girl, Shelby had her film debut in an independent film, Relish directed by Justin Ward, in 2019. She also got her first professional theater gig in “Stranger Things: The Experience,” which was an immersive theater experience in Brooklyn. Samantha tells us a funny story of how she found out she got this role in our interview with her posted below!

Before ending the interview, when asked about any upcoming projects that we should look out for, Samantha reveals that she shot a film last year, Where Do the Adults Go, directed by Courtney Marsh, that will be released later this year in 2023! Samantha stays optimistic and excited for what the future holds for her and her acting career.

Xoxo, Until next time. Thank you, Samantha, for spending some time with us! You can follow her on her Instagram at @samantharosebaldwin. Please also watch the interview below where Samantha talks more about her acting experiences and upcoming project! While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment.