YEM Exclusive Interview | with the cast from Prom Pact

*Spoiler Alert*

Eager to learn more about the newest, Disney+ film Prom Pact? Luckily for you, YEM has exclusive interviews with a few of the members of Prom Pact! You read that sentence correctly; we have more than one interview with the following cast members: The Executive Producers Julie Bowen and Anya Adams, Margaret Cho as Ms. Chen, Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Mandy Yang, and Blake Draper as Graham Lansing. We can’t wait to talk to our interviewees about their roles in the film, their thoughts and experience with the two shows and cast members, what’s behind the scenes of Prom Pact, and more! Because the film has yet to release on March 31st, this article will attempt to avoid any extensive spoilers for those eager to watch the movie. And now, onto this interview and its refresher.

For those avid readers of YEM, you may have recognized this film from an old article. Or perhaps, you saw this film as a YouTube ad. Regardless, Prom Pact is a film that people have been hoping for its release since its revealed release date on March 31st! Fans have been eager to watch a movie similar to the older Disney movies from the 2000s, and there has been mention of the nostalgia trip that many felt a kinship within this movie. Here’s a refresher on what the film is about. The film follows the story of Mandy Coleman and Ben (who is portrayed by Milo Manheim). Surrounded by those who’d rather live in the moment, and those who are eager to share their ’80s-inspired Promposals with the entire world, Mandy considers herself the odd one out. Instead of dances and proposals, Mandy’s more determined to be accepted into Harvard. But when her acceptance becomes delayed and her only other option is getting a recommendation later, she hatches the perfect plan: tutor the very guy she dislikes, the all-star jock Graham Lansing, and receive a recommendation letter from his father, a senator and Harvard alumnus. As the two grow closer, Mandy slowly realizes that there’s more to ambition than just getting into Harvard and that there’s more to Graham than what Mandy first thought.

Here’s a refresher on our interviewees, starting with our cast members! First off, we have Margaret Cho! For those who don’t recognize her at first glance, perhaps her stand-up comedy show Margaret Cho: PsyCHO might ring some bells. If that doesn’t, then maybe her appearance might! She starred in many roles, with prominent ones such as Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-Un from 30 Rock, Margaret Kim from All-American Girl, and Erin from Fire Island. Margaret worked hard and dedicated her time to actively assist others, such as the Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund, and was honored by the L.A. Pride w/ a Lifetime Achievement Award and left an imprint in the LGBTQ+ community.

Next up, Peyton Elizabeth Lee! Daughter of actor Tinpo Lee and her main inspiration for becoming an actor, Peyton became known for the following roles: Andi Mack from Andi Mack, Rani’s voice from The Lion Guard, Sam from Secret Society of Second Born Royals, Alyssa Frank from Stumptown, Gretchen Grundler and the voice of Sharon Spitz from Robot Chicken, and finally as Lahela ‘Doogie’ Kamealoha from Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. She was nominated for a few awards, and even won the Young Entertainment Awards for Best Young Ensemble in a Television Series for Andi Mack, back in 2019.

Finally, we have Blake Draper! Born in Melbourne, Australia, he made his debut as Gus Martinez from Neighbors. If you’re looking for more of his recent acts, he starred as Julius from Bad Mothers and Michael Hastings from Clickbait!

Now here are our Executive Producers, and let’s first start with Julie Bowen! For those who recognize her from the start, you’ll know that she starred in roles such as Virginia Venit from Happy Gilmore, Claire Dunphy from Modern Family, Carol Vessey from Ed, the voice of Penumbra from the 2019 version of DuckTales, the voice of Queen Arianna from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure, and a few more other roles. Anya Adams (who is also the Director for Prom Pact), meanwhile, is known for being the director of some of the following shows: Mr. Mayor, A League of Their Own, Ginny & Georgia, Black-ish, Glow, The Good Place, and many more. As a small bit of trivia, she’s the daughter of a renowned visual artist Jim Adams!

It will be slightly challenging to cover all of the interviews, so this article will only cover a few of the highlights! We briefly talk to Peyton and Blake about the chemistry between the two with their characters, and how they coordinate any on-screen kisses between them. Both Peyton and Blake laughed and mentioned that the two needed a lot of help with those scenes, and Blake explained how they had to work with an intimacy coordinator for it to work. Blake heartedly mentioned that Peyton started crying because he had a lot of mints in his mouth, and Peyton added by saying that because of the height difference, Blake’s minty breath would hit her eyes.

With Margaret, we briefly ask her if she enjoys taking on a motherly figure role, and reference her role as Erin from Fire Island. Margaret mentions she does, and talks about how natural the role feels for her. The role of a motherly figure is one that she’s familiar with, thanks to her roles and her stand-up comedies, and it brings a good feeling to her.

Finally, we speak with Julie Bowen and Anya Adams about their experience working with young adults. We ask them if there’s anything that the young adults do on set repeatedly that would prompt some needed advice and what that advice would consist of. Julie immediately responds by stating that she’s learned to keep her opinions to herself, recounting the differences between the current generation from her own experience. Anya meanwhile, mentions that it would be better to experience the world as you are, instead of relying on social media as often. Anya talks about how when she captures things on her phone, she mentions how to her that she isn’t living in the moment, and that the feeling of looking at the picture isn’t the same as it was when she was physically there. Anya likes to encourage young adults, and herself as well, to put their electronic devices down and live in the moment.

Thank you, everyone, for spending some time with us! You can follow the cast members on Instagram, @margaret_cho, @peytonelizabethlee, and @blakehdraper. For the Executive Producers, you can follow them here: @itsjuliebowen and @directedbyanya. Please also watch the interview below, where we ask the crew even more questions about the film. While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!