YEM Exclusive Interview | with the cast of The Villains of Valley View

Are you a fan of villains? What about the Disney show, The Villains of Valley View? Fans of The Villains of Valley View, we have some exciting news for you! We have an exclusive interview with several actors and actresses from the show! Isabella Pappas stars as Amy, Reed Horstmann stars as Chaos, Malachi Barton stars as Colby, Kayden Muller-Janssen stars as Hartley, Lucy Davis stars as Eva, and James Patrick Stuart stars as Kraniac.

We’re eager to talk to everyone about their roles, everyone’s thoughts and experience with the show and each other, and more. Because the show is already released, if you’re planning on reading this interview and haven’t had the time to watch the show, this article will actively avoid any spoilers regarding the series. For those planning to watch before reading this article, we highly recommend watching it first. And now, onto this interview and its refresher.

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For those who require a refresher on this Disney show, here’s a synopsis of the series. The show follows a family of supervillains on the run from the League of Villains, led by the evil leader, Onyx. Because of Havoc’s intervention and standing up to him, Havoc’s family is forced to flee to Valley View, Texas, and hide under a different alias, The Madden Family. The family must find a way to continue an ordinary life while hiding from Onyx’s minions, the superheroes, and authorities, but Havoc, or rather now known as Amy, struggles with the change to normalcy.

Here is some information on our actors and actresses! You’ll certainly recognize them from their works in media! An Olivier Award nominated Actress, Isabella starred in Almost Never, Home, and Paranoid. Reed, meanwhile, you’ll recognize as Stick Goldstein from The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia. Malachi starred in shows Fancy Nancy as Lionel and has made appearances in See Dad RunInstant MomStick in the Middle as Beast Diaz, and Dora and the Lost City of Gold.

Kayden you’ll recognize from her short, Spies: Room of Secrets, and her appearance in Classmates as Raury Sanders. Lucy Davis, you’ll remember from Maron as Emily, Better Things, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as Hilda Spellman. James Patrick Stuart, you’ll certainly remember from his iconic roles from All My Children, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, the voice of Xigbar and Braig from the Kingdom Hearts games, and his voice work as several characters from animations such as The Penguins of Madagascar, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Cars 2, and more.

We first asked Isabella and Kayden the age-old question: if they have superpowers, what would their superpowers be, and what would their superhero name be? Isabella eagerly answers that she would want the ability to teleport because her boyfriend lives in London and most of her family lives in Italy and explains how nice it would be to suddenly “pop up everywhere” in her words. She adds that she would never be late for anything with these abilities. As for the name, Isabella chose Stardust. Kayden, meanwhile, chose the ability to fly. She explained that she never has to drive a car again, saying that it sounds ‘dope’ and bringing in the fact that she’ll be able to travel whenever she wants. As for her superhero name, Kayden laughed and answered that it would be Fly Girl.

We first asked Lucy and James what it’s like to be a member of the Disney Channel family. Lucy comments, saying that it’s fun, and mentions that she’s never been a member of the Disney Channel family before. She explains how it was the first time she’s ever worked with the network and notes that they’re super generous. She recounts when they sent her candles on Mother’s Day, and she talks about how it made her feel like they’re all in one family, and enjoys working with them. James echoes this, answering that they’re generous and talking about how they want to make things work, not just financially but want to make people happy. James mentions how the executive producers have to write ‘edgy’ lines, explains how it’s nerve-wracking for Disney, and laughs at how you don’t want to write a character that steals someone else’s credit card numbers.

We also asked Malachi and Reed if they have superpowers, what their superpowers would be, and what would their superhero name be. Malachi comments that he might know what Reed’s answer might be, to which Reed responds by claiming that he’ll go ‘off-script’ and choose an ability that isn’t in the show. Reed explains about a character named Domino in the comic books, and her superpower is to affect the probability of certain events happening, essentially becoming a lucky person. Reed chooses this ability as he loves this concept, but he doesn’t know what his superhero name would be. Malachi liked Reed’s idea and chose another superpower that is not in the show; the ability to be an elastic human. Malachi explains how he loves the idea of stretching his limbs into improbable heights and situations, and he doesn’t quite know what his name would be either.

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